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Would you Lie on your CV? See the Truth [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you're applying for a new job then you'll be polishing off your resume and making it the best it can be so that you get ahead of the competition. But DO NOT make the mistake of embellishing your resume to make out that you have more skills or qualifications than you actually possess. It could mean that you don't get the job, get fired, or depending on the severity you could be prosecuted! 

Review the infographic by to get a better understanding of why not to lie on your resume.

In summary:

- Almost half of all CVs submitted contain some false information.

- 70% of college students claim they would lie on their resume to get a job.

- The most common misinformation on a CV is an inflated salary.

- A third of CVs submitted are expected to have inaccurate job descriptions.

- Despite these figures, 73.5% of job seekers interviewed said they would never lie on their CV.

- 13.6% of those interviewed have lied once or more on their job application.

Would you Lie on your CV? See the Truth [INFOGRAPHIC]

Would you Lie on your CV? See the Truth [INFOGRAPHIC]

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