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Interested in Becoming an Employee of the Future Generation? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interested in becoming an employee of the future generation? Then you'll want to check out this infographic by which suggests the sort of challenges the human race might face and therefore what sort of hi-tech jobs we might be hoping to be selected for in 10-20 years' time.

  • Urban Farmer – needing to use all of the available space for farming including rooftops and basements will be a thing of the future.

  • Alternative Reality Architect – architects won't be required just to build the real world, but to create a 3D world for people to use their Google Glass.

  • Personality Programmer – creating a variety of different computer voices and responses for artificial intelligence.

  • Organ Agent – dealing with the logistics of organ donation, this may be more relevant in the next few years after countries recently reformed the donation process where the assumption is that you will donate unless you are specifically listed on a register that you do not want to.

  • Remote Drone Pilot and Drone Dispatcher– as this technology develops, more and more highly trained pilots will be required. Dispatchers will be required as the technology moves on and pilots are no longer required to direct the aircraft.

  • Garbage Minor – as the Earth's natural resources become less easy to access, there may be a requirement for people to mine landfills to reuse the minerals that were previously thrown away.

  • Weather Coordinator – rather than simply forecasting the weather, it is suggested that in the coming decades we may be able to influence and control the weather in various ways which will need dedicated people to move this.

  • Organ Farmers – we currently rely on organ donors to provide new organs for transplants, however, it is not difficult to imagine that before long scientists will be able to grow engineered organs for individuals to use.

  • Memory Manipulator – whilst I wouldn't necessarily agree this would be the best way to remember, there may be a time when clinicians can insert memories into people's minds instead of them having to experience this themselves.

Use your imagination and think about what other jobs might be available in the future.

Interested in Becoming an Employee of the Future Generation?[INFOGRAPHIC]

Interested in Becoming an Employee of the Future Generation?[INFOGRAPHIC]

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