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Top 10 Tips to Avoid Interview Blunders

So you have sent your CV, Now you have been invited to an Interview......

Don't panic...... this article will outline the top 10 blunders to avoid.....

1) Not being prepared

Preparation is key - it prevents a whole manner of issues and blunders! One key method in being prepared it to create an interview checklist. By following the checklist, you can avoid making some job costly mistakes.


  • Interview clothing ready

  • Analyse the job advertisement

  • Research the company and know a little about them and what they do

  • Practice questions

  • Plan your route

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2) Not dressing appropriately

An interview is all about first impressions - and unfortunately the one thing that you will be judged on the most is how you look. Therefore, this is very important to interview success.

Not dressing appropriately is also one of the top, common blunders made by jobseekers.

So - remember the following:

Keep it smart - a suit will always be a winner f you get to the interview and feel overdressed - it is easier to dress down rather than the reverse!

  • Keep jewellery and bling to a bare minimum - wedding/engagement rings are fine.

  • Cover-up large, obvious tattoos

  • Go easy on the perfume / aftershave

  • Girls - keep make up subtle and heels not too high

3) Turning up late!

Nothing says unorganised and no-time -management than turning up late to an interview!
There is no excuse that will ever get you out of this one! And again, first impressions count!!

So take precautions!

  • Set your alarm

  • Prepare your clothes and paperwork the day / night before

  • Check your journey plan in advance - any roadwork's . road closures that day?

  • Do a trial run if you are not sure of location

  • If you know it is a 15 minute journey, give yourself 25 minutes. Always add a 10 minute 'extra time' to your journey - better to be early than late!

4) Not turning off your mobile

Most interviewers will be managers - and they want to know that they have a certain level of respect from their employees - especially those who are trying to impress them!

Having your mobile phone ringing with some dodgy ringtone in your pocket, interrupting them while telling you something really important, is defiantly not a good look!!

5) Not knowing when your interview starts...

You may think that your interview begins when you are sat in that chair opposite the big boss man, being asked lots of questions...but you would be wrong! And not just wrong...job costly wrong!

Think of all receptionists as secret spies.......because on interview days...that is exactly what they are!! They are in the perfect position to watch and observe your behaviour prior to the interview. So there are some key points to remember from the second you walk in the main door...


  • Play, text or make a call on your mobile

  • Remember your interviewers name

  • Eat food or chewing gum


  • Remain polite

  • Spray perfume or aftershave

  • Check out any literature about the company laying might learn something important

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6) Not bringing an extra copy of your CV

They may already have it - but taking along a copy of your CV will always get you bonus points. It gives the impression that you are organised, and your CV is your marketing tool - you wouldn't arrive to a sales meeting with no paperwork regarding the product!

7) No references

This follows on from point number 6.....common sense says that it is after an interview that a potential employer would want to seek references - so be organised and have these to hand!

8) Criticizing your prior managers and companies.

One thing that many people do within an interview is begin criticizing their previous managers and company, and managers do not like this....

Yes you may have had a personality clash with your last boss, and you feel that this is all their fault and that they ran the company badly which is why you had to leave....but you may be giving the impression that you are a trouble maker, hard to get along with, not a team player and have no loyalty......

9) Forgetting your work history

Nothing says liar louder than forgetting the work history you have put down on your CV.
Your CV is your marketing tool - and you should know every inch of that document - especially when preparing for an interview! This is the only information the interviewer has about you - so obviously a majority of their questions are going to be aimed around that document.....KNOW YOUR STUFF!

10) Not closing your interview correctly

As mentioned throughout this article, job searching is a sale. Your CV is your marketing tool and your interview is your sales pitch. So close your sale correctly.

  • Remember to ask questions. This is a two-way street and it is your chance to interview them as well about the company and where you will be working. Make a list of some questions before hand to take along with you.

  • Ask when they are letting people know if they have been successful - you do not want to spend the next week sweating by the phone if they are contacting the successful candidate the next day.

  • Re-confirm your interest - let them know that you are very interested in the role.

Good luck!

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