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Understand What Interview Questions Are Really About [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you turn up at your offered job interview then you want to do well, even if it's just for the experience of being offered a job that you eventually turn down. So how can you improve your interview technique and be the best candidate on the day?

We suggest that you prepare well for your interview so that you can be confident and positive. Think about the company, the job role and how you can fit into the company. You'll also be considered a better candidate if you smile and are confident, and this can be achieved by thinking about what the interviewer is looking for and the motivation behind any questions. Take a look at this infographic by to help you on your way.

A few points to remember
  • The majority of interview questions are intended to understand: if you can do the job; why you want the job; and if you will fit into the team.

  • Interview questions are designed to understand your character and 'trick' questions are thrown in to estimate whether you can work under pressure and how imaginative you are.

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