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A Complete Guide to Finding a Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are many ways for job seekers to find a job. Depending on your skills, qualifications and the location you are in, one or more of the following ways can be used.

You can see the most used ways of landing a job in this infographic made by

- 41% of job seekers find a job by networking both on the internet and in real life.

- 25% of those who are looking for a job found their jobs on internet job boards

- 11% of job seekers found a job via an agency.

- 8% made a direct approach with the employers to land their jobs.

- 4% used social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc.

- 2% found their jobs via advertisements through newspaper classifieds.

A Complete Guide to Finding a Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

A Complete Guide to Finding a Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

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