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How to Use a Recruiter to Find a Job

Do you want to understand the process of using a recruitment agency a little better? Well first of all you need to know that a recruitment agency is a business that can help you with your job search, whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary position, they are able to assist you through the job searching process. They work as a third party between you and a company; the company will use a recruitment agency, often on a contingency basis, to help them recruit a candidate with the specific skills they are looking for. The recruitment agency will remain the point of contact between you and the company throughout the job searching process. It is therefore important to choose a recruitment agency wisely and ensure they can fulfil your requirements as a job seeker; for example a recruiter in your region or a specialist recruiter focusing on your industry, ensuring their potential job opportunities are going to be suitable for you.


Recruiters will often have a database of candidates where they can search for job seekers that they feel fit the requirements of the employer. Suitable candidates can then be contacted by the recruiter to discuss potential job opportunities further and decide whether they want to be put forward for the roles. It is important that candidates ask questions about the opportunity to make sure it is right for them, so being honest with the recruiter about your current situation and your job searching requirements from the onset is key to ensure a good working relationship, and essentially help you get placed in your perfect role.

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Recruitment agencies are a free resource to support your job search. Recruiters are able to actively match and contact you with suitable opportunities that they are looking to fill for potential employers. Good recruiters will always look out for your best interests because it is in their best interest to find a suitable candidate, as once a job offer is accepted by the successful candidate, an agreed sum is paid by the employer to the recruitment agency. Do not be alarmed if your every phone call is not promptly returned, it could be that the recruiter is extremely busy and they know you just want to keep up-to-date with potential opportunities. All in all it works both ways; you are looking for the perfect job opportunity and recruiters want to place you in the perfect job role. Some companies may only use recruitment agencies when looking to fill a position and will not post the job role on a national job board, as they can be time consuming for the company, therefore recruitment agencies can effectively open up a hidden market of job opportunities for their candidates.

Specialist recruitment agencies are used by companies as they will have the sector knowledge to help them find a suitable candidate. They are also able to help job seekers with that sector experience and can provide tips as they are particularly well-connected within the field and therefore if your CV is relevant, it can be distributed to a range of employers on your behalf. If you are using a few different recruitment agencies, it is important to keep recruiters in the loop about what jobs you are being put forward for to avoid doubling up and any confusion with the potential employer.

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Recruiters have inside knowledge of the current job market as they will understand the needs of their clients and candidates. They can provide helpful CV tips for you to tailor your CV to make sure you are telling your story well, as it is of course difficult to express every inch of your career path on a few sheets of paper. They will also be able to provide you with interview tips to help you prepare properly as they have built up a relationship with their clients and therefore have a good understanding of their working environment and the way they work as a company.

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