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How to Work With a Recruitment Agency to Find a Job

We all need help in finding work at some time or another and where best to start by visiting a recruitment agency and building up a good working relationship with them. After all they are the ones in the know about companies, locations and what possible roles are out there so it is good to utilise the skills that they have but to do this successfully then you need to be able to work with them and help them to help you.


Below are some ideas of ways that you can work with a recruitment agency to make sure that you get the most out of your job search.

Update your CV

Go through and update your CV before going to a recruitment agency. It proves to them that you are serious about finding a new job but it also allows them to be a second or third pair of eyes and to help you adapt your CV depending on suitable roles and companies. You are in the right hands for people who see a great number of CV’s each day and week so they can tell you straight away if your CV will get recognised easily or not.

Give them everything they need to know about you

Don’t hold back things. If there is something a recruitment agency acting on your behalf needs to know then tell them. This could be an issue you have had previously in the work place or it could be something that you are particularly good at that would help them to market your skills. Anything that is hidden good or bad will come out eventually so if you do have some hidden issues its best to get it out in the open from the beginning.

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Communicate regularly

Keep in touch with the recruitment agency of your choice. Not only does it keep you in the forefront of their minds but also it allows you to keep on top of any progress they may be making and the more that you keep in touch the more that the agency will want to find new a new role and be able to help you in every way possible. Keep them updated with any news, possible job interviews, interest in your CV, where you have sent your CV direct etc.

Help them look for roles you would be interested in

Do your own research. They may be specialists in their area but you are too in your area and I am sure that you have applied for roles yourself so you are aware of what kind of positions you like and you could even provide them with some new contacts or places to contact that they were not aware of previously.

Take them papers, adverts of things that you have seen

Have you seen any roles advertised that you could let them agency know about that they may be able to make contact with. This may work even more so if your location is flexible and they may only cover a certain area or patch.

Tell them about the companies and jobs

Tell them things you have heard on the grapevine about companies you may be interested in. As most job hunters are aware, they keep their nose to the ground so if you know of jobs that an Agency could follow up better than you could do then why not inform them of what you have heard and what you know and they may be able to sell you into that role or company.

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Ask them to apply for roles on your behalf

If you find a role that you are interested in, can you ask the recruitment agency to submit your CV to them on your behalf and act as your contact? It’s worth asking the question, it’s just worth bearing in mind that some companies do not like to work with recruitment agencies and if this is the type of company then it may hinder your chances to get into that particular company.

Courses and update your skills

Help a recruitment agency to market your skills by updating your skills and looking at any courses that you could do that would be of benefit to a new role and that they are trying to find you.

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