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Top 10 Job Hunt Blunders of New College Graduates

This year’s graduates are facing a rough job market. However they many have a plus over other job seekers. They are amongst the age group most likely to be hired in the near future. They also tend to have a much better chance of success if they steer clear of the following job search blunders.

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Just Do It!

Don’t sit back and be relaxed in your approach, ensure you find at least 5 to 10 organizations that you want to reach out to and network. Don’t be shy and face your fear and overcome it today. You just need to get out there and make it happen!

Depending Solely on the Internet

I can’t emphasize networking enough! It’s a major factor in the majority of job seekers out there. What you want to do is to stand out by making those connections and networking your way into a company. Albeit, job sites and boards are a significant tool to utilize, new graduates need to also network and focus more energy on building lasting relationships.

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Not Expanding your Networks

By broadening your networks you can’t be shy. By all means reach out to your English teacher, your choir director or Scoutmaster. You never know who will assist you in your journey unless you try. You also get to attend fun events when you are networking and watch your social calendar soar.

Not Customizing Resumes

Don’t apply to over 200 jobs in 2 months and continue to list your college courses or the degree you’ve earned and summer jobs. Take this chance to create a strong statement about what you want to be when you grow up. The younger generation typically don’t think about what they have to offer an employer, instead they think about what they want to gain from one. By using this approach they tend to design resumes that are uninteresting life stories, instead of an effective marketing tool.

Failing to Utilize the Internet

Unfortunately new graduates don’t use professional networking tools. They need to use the best resources for getting their names out there. Stop wasting time on those other social media sites and establish a professional identity today. You can never start too early!

Not Following Up

Don’t just send out that resume and wait for your phone to ring! Ensure you follow up with each and every prospect. The worst thing they can say is no right? They might not discover your resume in the “big black hole” but by calling the hiring manager you will ensure they look at your resume.

Expectations Too High

New graduates focal points are often searching for the perfect job, instead of a first job. Instead what you need to do is to ensure you find a position where you can learn as much as you can. You will learn tons and be extremely busy, and remember you have many years to search for your perfect job!

Unprofessional Appearance

Ensure you go over your Face book profile with a fine tooth comb. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the crazy looking pictures of you partying on your page. Also change your settings to private if you need to change the privacy settings. Unfortunately hiring managers will scrutinize you over your online photos.

Performing Badly on the Job Interview

Ensure you adhere to the common standards of professionalism. The majority of new college graduates are often unprepared for tough interview questions. Practice your interviewing skills prior to going to the next interview. Research the company you are seeking a position with and make sure you have eye contact and dress appropriately.

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Not Utilizing the College Career Center

Most colleges have a career center. Make certain you are using it to the best of your abilities. Often times they assist with resume building and mock interviews as well as a host of other career related resources.

In this aggressive employment market, it’s necessary that college graduates make the extra effort to stand out from the crowd! If you want to make a good first impression, be sure to follow the 10 steps above. These tips will have you standing out from the crowd in no time!

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