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How to Build a Strong LinkedIn Profile for 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's always good to have a strong LinkedIn profile whether you have job or are looking to get one.
What to include to your profile? and What to remove from your LinkedIn CV? You would never forget to add your name to your profile so and you should also make sure you add a photo and description as well.

Your LinkedIn profile is your CV to prospective employers so make sure it is clean, tidy and professional.

Use this infographic to ensure your profile sets you in the best light. Summary from the infographic:

- Your LinkedIn photo is the first thing people see so ensure it is professional.

- Ask for recommmendations.

- Include your voluntary experience and remember to check the box to show you want to volunteer.

- Top 10 global buzzwords: Motivated, Passionate, Creative, Driven, Extensive, Responsible, Strategic, Track record, Organizational, Expert.

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Build Strong Linkedin Profile


Infographic by: LinkedIn

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