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Job Application Form Checklist: 10 Things to Remember

If you've been asked to submit an application form for a job, then there are some things you should make sure that you consider and review before your submission. Bear in mind that in most cases the employer has no idea about your skills and experiences and will use the application forms to directly compare yours with other candidates.

If you have tried to send in your CV, and then been asked to complete an application form make sure that you show willing. Just this act demonstrates that you are keen to get the role, and not just sending in the same CV to every location you can think of.


Many employers now ask that applications are submitted online only. The advantages of this are that you can revise and review your answers until you are happy with your responses. However if you don't have access to the internet at home or other private location you can access the internet at your local library or complete online applications at a Job Centre. There are also internet cafes providing access to the internet for a fee. In any of these public locations you will want to be swift so it is worth taking your CV and any old job descriptions you have access to to remind you of dates and roles, and to prompt responses to questions.

Review this checklist before you start filling in your application form for maximum impact:

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1- Review your answers

It's always good to review your answers on your application form and make amendments before submitting. If you're completing a paper copy either draft out your answers on a separate sheet, or take a photocopy of the form so that you can do a practice run. Read the instructions first and particularly note whether you should use a blue or black pen.

2- Take enough time to think!

Take time to read each questions thoroughly so that you understand it before you start to respond. When writing about career history you would usually start with the most recent, but check what is being asked of you. Avoiding a mistake could make the difference in getting an interview.

3-Answer each question in full

If there are several parts to a question, make sure your answer covers all of the information requested.

4-Stick with the word limit

Word limits are useful for you to understand the level of detail expected. Make sure if they're included that you stick to them. Writing too much may mean that the important pieces of information are lost in unnecessary text.

5-Be relevant

Only discuss your skills and experience that is relevant to the job in hand. For examples if you're applying to be a lorry driver, the employer doesn't need to know about your swimming skills.

6- Be legible

If you're submitting an application form by hand, make sure your handwriting is legible. Take your time and ensure it is clear. If your writing is difficult to read then use capital letters.

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7- Check spelling and grammatical errors

Check and double check your completed form for spelling and grammatical errors. Ask a trusted friend or colleague to check also, and if there are any words you aren't sure about then check a dictionary.

8- Be honest

The internet makes checking references even easier for employers, so make sure that you are honest.

9- Write a cover letter

Submitting a cover letter can help your application form stick out from the crowd. Although it is more difficult to highlight your application on an online form, you could contact the employer to ensure they have received the form.

10- Keep a copy

Retain a copy of your application form for your records. Many employers may make initial telephone call to discuss applications before offering an interview, so keep copies handy. It's very embarrassing if you have applied for several jobs and don't know which job you are being asked about!

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