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How to Write a Great LinkedIn Invitation [INFOGRAPHIC]

LinkedIn has millions of members from all around the world if not billions! It is an excellent tool to connect with other useful contacts that might be useful any time in the future. Sending an invitation to people who you would like to be network with is the only way to make new connections, unless you receive an invitation from them. LinkedIn already has an invitation template which you can use but you don't have to. You can always edit the template to suit you or write your own one from scratch.

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- Your Profile Photo

Your photo is the first thing to be seen by people so it's best to have a good picture.

- Personalise your message

Don't forget to start with Hi [name] and make sure that you have spelt their name correctly.

- Explain the reason for invitation

Give them a reason for the invitation so they won't think you are just trying to increase your number of connections.

- How do you know them?

If you have met them before then state this in your invitation!

- Briefly introduce yourself

In case they don't know you or have forgotten about you, write something about what you do.

- Be kind

Being nice always works! Include kind words about their work, experience or company.

- Sign off nicely

It's a small detail that can make your invitation feel much more welcoming and personal.


infographic by: webquacker

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