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How to Become a Driving Instructor in the UK

How to become a Driving Instructor. Read our full guide about becoming a Driving Instructor in the UK.

Job Description of a Driving Instructor

Driving Instructors are persons who are responsible for the tuition and guidance of learner drivers from novice to qualified. This usually means working various hours, days and evenings.  Driving Instructors are generally expected to be confident, Level -headed and willing to work at short notice and many hours, and capable of remaining calm in stressful situations.  Cash handling skills may be required. The hours tend to be 1 or 2 hour blocks, with a little time for travel on top. Being a Driving Instructor is a good job for many people, but the key traits to have are a sociable personality, good geographical knowledge, a clear and confident speaker, good sense of humour and calm under pressure.


Entry Requirements

Many Driving Instructors start their career by attaining the relevant driving licence.  You will need to hold a Full Cat B UK Driving licence (Car), and you will then be expected to enrol with an instructor college who will train you to be an instructor, and put you through the instructor test. You may also require a Criminal Record Check and Medical test depending on the college. Many will offer you employment after you have qualified if you are suitable.

Responsibilities and duties

Standard duties usually entail educating new drivers to understand the Highway Code and laws of the road, as well as how to operate a car in a mechanically safe and sound manner. You will be expected to know your test routes, pick up students and accompany them around the route, teaching them how to operate the vehicle, and brief them after the lesson to ensure that they understand everything that you have taught them. You will be responsible for making sure that the student always operates the vehicle in a safe manner, taking control where necessary. You must also ensure that the student is kept up to date with their progress and referred for their test when they are ready to take it.

Working hours

These may vary depending on the duties and job you are doing. Local Driving Instructors usually work on an 8 hour shift. Freelance Driving Instructors can work whatever hours they want to work, although should be aware of not driving too many hours and getting tired.

Skills and Training Development

Driving Instructors can expect to progress through their careers with improving skills and knowledge as well as time served. You may find yourself tasked with training up new drivers that come to work in your company. You could also consider becoming a Driving Instructor Trainer if you can demonstrate your impeccable driving record and ability to pass on your skills. You may wish to become an Examiner for the DSA. There is also plenty of scope for a good Driving Instructor to set up their own firm in order to be your own boss and earn more money.

Average Salary of a Driving Instructor

The average salary for a Private Driving Instructor is £35,000 PA.
The average salary for an Employed Driving Instructor is £25,000 PA.

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