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How to Become a Social Worker in the UK

How to become a Social Worker. Job Description: Social Workers are persons who are responsible for helping people live their lives independently. Social Workers are generally expected to be reasonable, fair, Level -headed and willing to work unsociable hours and capable of remaining calm in stressful situations. The hours vary, but tend to be 8-12 hour shifts. Being a Social Worker is a good job for many people, but the key traits to have are a sociable personality, helpful, intuitive, a good sense of humour and calm under pressure. You must be able to listen and not be prejudiced towards anyone.


Entry Requirements

To become a Social Worker you will be subject to a CRB check to ensure that you have no serious convictions. You will be expected to have completed a degree in Social Work. You can get financial assistance from the Department Of Health. If you wish to study towards a certain direction of Social work then you may wish to do this pre-qualification. For example, studying Mental Health or Children’s services at university alongside your base qualification may make you a better prospect for employment.

Responsibilities and duties

Standard duties vary dependent on the type of Social Worker you are. You will generally be expected to decide if you wish to work with adults or children before commencement of your career. In child’s services you will be expected to work with children and their families, removing children from risk and working with parents who may be hostile or under the influence of drugs. You will be responsible for dealing with children in care, as well as assisting adoptive or foster parents. You may also find yourself dealing with young offenders, or children with learning difficulties. In adult services, you may find yourself dealing with people with mental health issues or learning difficulties, your main job will be to support them in living as independently as possible or assisting them into a move into a care or community based support accommodation. You will also be expected to help them deal with financial issues as well as physical issues.

Working hours

These may vary depending on the duties and job you are doing.  Many Social Worker Jobs can be 9-5, whilst just as many can be out of hours. Usual shift length is 12 hours. Many social workers are expected to work weekends and evenings. Shifts are always rota based so that there is an even coverage of officers.

Skills and Training Development

Social Workers can expect to progress through their careers with improving skills and knowledge as well as time served. You may find yourself buddied up with trainee social workers on work placements. If you experience other departments within the spectrum you may find yourself being trained into promoted roles. You may choose to study additional subjects such as mental health awareness to assist in gaining such a promotion.

Average Salary

The average salary for a Trainee Social Worker is £21,000 PA.
The average salary for a qualified Social Worker is £30,000 PA.

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