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The Best Jobs Without a College Degree

Most of the jobs in this list may require certification, training, attending to a course but they definetely don't require College Degree. Even though those jobs doens't require degree they still offer you a good wage and other benefits.


1- Web Developer

If you are a web developer your job is to design, build and maintain websites for your clients. You can easly learn how to code and start developing big projects. Designing programs such as Photoshop would help you improve yourself in graphic design as well.

Programming knowledge and creative mind would be essential skills in order to be a Web Developer.

Lead developers can earn up to £45,000 a year if they are working for a company.

2- Administrative Assistant

As an administrative assistant your main job is to help out with clerical stuff of the business you work for. Most companies recruit administrative assistants so there lots of different jobs for you to apply.

Depends on the experience you can earn up to £23,000 a year.

3- Dental Hygienist

Their job to tell people about their teeth and gums. People visit them regularly and get their advice about the detal problems they may have.

General Dental Council is tthe organisation who provides courses for those who want to be a Dental Hygienist in the UK.

Experienced Hygienists can earn up to £34,000 a year.

4- Paralegal Assistant

Paralegal assistants do various type of jobs in order to assist their solicitors and lawyers. They mainly organize files and maintain them to re-use in the future.

Needless to say that you will have to have a great written and spoken communication skills in order to become a Paralegal Assistant.

Qualified assistants can earn up to £40,000 a year.

5- Electirician

Your job is to install, fit and repair any electrical instruments and machinery. There are trainings for you to take if you want to be an electrician in the UK however most people would do an apprenticeship.

An electrician can earn up to £30,000 once they experieced.

6- Pilot

Becoming a Pilot is the one of the most dreamed job in the UK. As a Pilot you will be flying passengers and cargo to various destinations around the world.

There are private courses and trainings from airlines and other copmpanies. Those courses are usually paid but some airlines would offer you training for a long term contract with them.

If you like aircrafts and visiting places around the world then this job is definetely for you.

An experienced Pilot can earn up to £140.000.

7- Air Traffic Controller

One of the highest paid job which doesn't require a degree! If you are considering to be an Air Traffic Controller then you should be calm and be able to work under pressure.

Great communication skills are also essential in order to do this job properly.

Experienced Air Traffic Controllers can earn up to £50,000.

8- Appliance Repairer

Every house has one or more appliances and they do break. You can work at your own company or work for another company.

9- Computer Support Specialist

As a specialist your job is to help advise people with using their computer and computer softwares.

10- Online Advertising Manager

The share of online advertising is on rise and expected to be bigger advertising area in close future if not already.

photo by: tjasha

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