60 Fastest Growing and Declining Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Check out this great infographic to see the fastest growing and declining jobs. These figures will help you foresee your career in the future.

Fastest Growing Jobs

1- Wind turbine service technician

2- Occupational therapy assistant

3- Physical therapist assistant

4- Physical therapist aides

5- Home health aides

6- Commercial divers

7- Physical Therapist

8- Nurse practitioners

9- Statisticians

10- Ambulance drivers and attendants

11- Occupational therapy aides

12- Physician assistants

13- Operational therapy aides

14- Personal financial advisor

15- Cartographers

16- Genetic counsellors

17- Interpreters

18- Audiologist

19- Hearing aid specialist

20- Optometrist

21- Forensic science technician

22- Web developers

23- Occupational therapists

24- Diagnostic medical sonographers

25- Personal care aides

26- Phlebotomists

27- Ophthalmic medical technicians

28- Nurse midwives

29- Solar photovoltaic installers

30- Emergency medical technicians

See the infographic below to find out the fastest declining jobs too:

60 Fastest Growing and Declining Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]


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