30+ Personal Logo Ideas for Your Job Search

Personal branding is a must if you expect to stand out in a competitive job search. One of the best ways to create a consistent personal brand is to design a two-letter logo.

Two-letter or "monogram" logos work for several reasons. One is that they help hiring managers remember your name; since they're looking at your initials every time they see your logo, they tend to think of the name behind the letters. Two-letter logos also create endless design possibilities. And they're scalable enough that they won't waste precious space on your resume, yet can still be printed bigger on a presentation folder or portfolio.

This infographic shows 31 ways to design a lettermark logo. Some of our favorites include:

  • Sharing vertical strokes seems simple but makes a bold statement. Connecting two letters using their vertical lines presents a strong, cohesive personal brand.

  • Rotating letters is a more complex technique. You can turn letters on their sides or even upside down to create new shapes. Or, connect the rotated letter to the other letter's empty space.

  • Symbols or pictures used in place of a letter can help reinforce the word the letter otherwise stands for. In the infographic, a cat inside the letter "C" helps emphasize the name "Fit Cat," for instance.

Read on for more fabulous examples of two-letter logos.


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