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Top Entry Level Jobs in the UK without a Degree

If you are looking to have a well paid job without a degree then check out Learnist list of "best paying jobs without a degree".

These are all entry level jobs which you can get without completing a degree.

These jobs listed below are the ones you can apply now!

entry level jobs by learnist

#1 Teaching Assistant

Average Salary: £12,000

Teaching Assistant CV Example

#2 Bookkeeper

Average salary: £18,000

Bookkeeper CV Example

#3 Junior Web Developer

Average salary: £18,000

Web Developer Cover Letter

#4 Business Analyst

Average salary: £20,000

#5 Marketing Assistant

Average salary: £18,000

Marketing Assistant Cover Letter

#6 Estate Agent

Average salary: £14,000

Estate Agent CV Example

#7 Journalist

Many of you may think that Journalist jobs can only be taken by people who has degree but you can still be journalist without a degree.

Average salary: £30,000

How to become a Journalist

#8 Hazardous Waste Manager

Average salary: £36,000

#9 Air Traffic Controller

Your job is to help aeroplanes land safely. Air traffic controllers are the police for the skies. Take off, land safely and make sure that planes has safe distance from each other.

Average salary: £41,000

#10 Offshore oil-platform worker

One of the best paid entry level job!

Average salary: £49,000

#11 Commodities trader

Average salary: £53,000

#12 Mining Contrustion

Average salary: £56,000

#13 Equities trader

Average salary: £59,000

#14 Nuclear energy worker

If you are fearless then go ahead with this job, degree is not necessary.

Average salary: £44,000

#15 Train Driver

Traind driver doesn't require a degree however its one of the most difficult entry level job to get.

Average salary: £40,000

How to become a Train Driver

#16 Supply Chain Manager

Average salary: £60,000

#17 Customer Service Manager

Degree is not necessary to become a Customer service amanager however experience will do.

Average salary: £40,000

#18 Firefighter

No degree needed to become a firefighter.

Average salary: £40,000

How to become a Firefighter

#19 Chicken Sexer

You can be a Chicken sexer with a couple of weeks of training, no degree necessary.

Average salary: £40,000

#20 Prison Officer

You can be a prison guard with no experience or degree.

Average salary: £19,000

#21 Ethical Hacker

Not all hackers are bad :) Ethical hackers are the ones who does good jobs on defending government or any other company's IT systems, websites etc.

Average salary: £35,000

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