Morrisons Job Application Form

Morrisons Application Form

For people interesting in working in the retail industry there are many job opportunities available at Morrisons. Individuals who work well in a team, who have strong interpersonal skills and who enjoy interacting and communicating with the public have good job prospects. There are jobs available working on the floor, in customer service and in specialty areas. Promotional potential exists and motivated workers have opportunities to apply for management and supervisory roles.

How to apply

Actually this is the easiest bit of the process. The difficult side of this process is finding the right position for yourself. There are two ways of applying for vacancies that are either download an application form or just visit Morrisons career site to apply for vacancies online!

Your CV

Just before your application to a Morrisons job, make sure that your resume or CV is updated! and meets the requirements of the job advert. If you don't think your qualifications are not meeting with the job advertising try your chance with other job vacancies. Highlighting your skills and qualifications that are matching with the job that you are applying to.

Benefits and Salaries

Depends on the location, your experience and position salaries are vary! but of course starts from the minimum national wage. As a large corporation, Morrisons is able to offer a range of rewards, benefits and incentives to attract and retain staff. Employees are able to access the staff discount program. This allows a 10% discount on any items bought through the grocery chain. There is the potential to profit share in the business and some positions offer an annual bonus. There is a solid company pension available to help staff plan and prepare for retirement. Morrisons recognizes the contribution of staff by offering Service Awards bonuses paid every 5 years.


Sometimes it can be very difficult securing your first job after graduating from University. Morrisons has a policy designed to attract talented staff that are able to bring fresh ideas and passion into the business. The graduate training program offers training in a range of different fields and is a good way to secure an entry-level position with the company.

Click here to download Morrisons jobs application form.

Boots Job Application form

Boots Application Form

Boots was known for selling health and beauty products of superior class. At present, they have about 800 health and beauty stores, 290 optician stores and 1,500 pharmacies. If you have the desire in your heart to serve people by keeping them healthy and beautiful, you can consider looking at the Boots Job Vacancies and get the chance to work for a highly regarded company.

How to Apply for a Boots job

You can view a lot of information on Boots’ jobs and vacancies on its website, All vacancies should be applied for online, where you will be asked to provide answers from your experience to demonstrate your suitability for the job. You may need to submit your CV as part of the process. You’ll know that your application has been logged when you receive an e-mail to acknowledge safe receipt.

Because you register on the website, you don’t have to complete any application in one go. You can save at any point you like and return to it as a later time. Be sure to describe your willingness to help customers and to support others in the team if you want your application to stand out.

Job Alerts !!!

You can search for jobs by location and can also register for job alerts by e-mail. However, you don’t need to submit an application for every job that seems interesting as Boots says that it will hold on to your application.


Boots is looking for Customer Assistants who are approachable, calm under pressure and enthusiastic as well as focused on excellent customer service and team working. You should provide examples of these at interview and emphasise your ability to undertake a variety of tasks. These might include operating the tills, stacking shelves and advising customers.

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Benefits and Salaries

The average rate of pay for customer assistants is just under £7.00 per hour.  Those with no experience will receive less and those with 2 or 3 years of experience can expect to receive more than £7.50 per hour.  The company also offers a pension scheme, a discretionary annual bonus of up to 10% of salary, generous paid annual leave and a staff discount of between 12.5% and 22.5%.

Read more: Boots Pay

Employment at Boots is all about serving the customers in the best possible way. You will not only have to make them look beautiful, but also make them feel beautiful from within. At Boots, you will definitely be able to do all these stuffs and fulfill the requirements of the customers. Therefore, apply for a job at Boots and work in a homely environment.

Click here to visit Boots job site to search and apply for vacancies.

Jobs that will be extinct by 2030

Do you think your job is safe? Will it be extinct or be replaced by machines? Check out this list to see how safe your job is from being made extinct.

According to the futurist Thomas Frey lots of jobs will extinct by 2030. Here are some of them listed below:

1. Utility Company Engineers

Thomas Frey predicts that national grids will switch to micro grids so power lines and coal plants will be replaced by cleaner and safer technology.

However technology change won't only mean extinct of jobs but there will new jobs to be created.

2. Delivery and Taxi Drivers

Google and some other tech giants are already testing their driverless cars and Amazon's drones are already in the air.

3. Some Teachers

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers over 2000 courses online. Teaching jobs unlikely to extinct however online learning will replace many some roles in teaching.

4. Travel Agents

Many travel sites allow you to book your holiday, flight without having to talk to someone on the phone or face to face. Those websites can guess your need by asking questions so you can have the cheapest options.

5. Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots

According to John Petersen thinks that by 2030 most of the flights will be done by drones and unmanned planes.

6. Bookkeepers and Accountants

Those accounting jobs will be extinct by 2030 according to futurists. Softwares like QuickBooks can already capture, analyze data and report in real time.

7. Interpreters and Translators

Kevin Rawlinson, the futurist, predicts that Google and other giatns will contiune improving their language tools and one day there will be no need for translators.

8. Newspaper Reporters

According to futurists there will be no need for Newspaper reporters in the future.

Sainsburys Job Application form

Sainsburys jobs and careers advice thread. Working for Sainsbury proves to be something worthwhile. There will be a wide range of positions to choose from. The company hires people to fill in positions in administration, retail, logistics, corporate services and customer service, to mention a few.

Sainsbury offers flexible working to individuals. In spite of the recession, the business continues to soar and expand. They have various job opportunities that graduate and non-graduate applicants can apply for. Deciding to work for them can be a great career move.

Types of Job

You can find an array of vacant job positions at Sainsbury. Positions in the administration will require that you help the entire organization to run consistently and smoothly. Some roles that fall in this category are clerical duties and payroll. Retail managers are also highly in demand.

Since Sainsbury is into home delivery service, delivery drivers are also a vital part of the business. They are needed to ensure that this facility will continue. Because they are also a part of representing the brand to the public, it is vital for Sainsbury drivers to possess customer service skills.

People who can work in the corporate level can apply for positions in finance, sales and marketing. If you are a graduate and you want to apply for Sainsbury Graduate Training Programme, you can submit your application online. This ensures that graduates will develop excellent skills and prepare themselves for various careers.

Sainsburys new job site!

How to Apply

If any of these positions attract you, you can apply with Sainsbury in person by visiting their main office. You can also visit any of their stores, particularly if you are eyeing an in-store position. Applying online is also made possible through their website. All you need to do is register and fill out an application form. You don’t have to submit your CV online because you will be given an online test. If you are qualified, you will receive a call from one of their staff.
                                      Click here to search and apply for Sainsburys job vacancies!           

Primark Job Application Form

Primark Jobs Application Form

Primark is a well known budget fashion retailer, with 157 stores in the UK (London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh,  Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff,  Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderlandand and many other locations.) Primark states that it offers a fast paced and dynamic working environment. Its staff describe the company culture as demanding, fun and friendly and say that hard work and effort are rewarded.

How to apply

Primark operates an online job search facility. To access it, you should visit, click on the Recruitment section and then on the Jobs tab. You can then choose the type of role in which you are interested to find out more.

To submit an application, you should click on the vacancy and you will be taken to an online application process. At this point, you will be asked to provide some personal details, your education and work history and some information on why you would be an ideal candidate for the company.

You can also follow Primark careers on Twitter to be first to apply for the vacancies.

You may want to apply in person in that case you should visit the store where you wish to work and ask for an application form or ways to apply. You should have an example of your CV before going to to store along with a covering letter.

Interview advice

If you are invited to attend an interview, you should be ready to talk about how you communicate with team members and customers. You will also be asked to describe the kind of work you have done in the past and if you have worked in a busy team environment before. You should emphasise your customer services skills, your ability to work under pressure and how you pay attention to detail to get things right first time.

You may also be asked how you would see your career developing with Primark so make sure that have an answer prepared.

Salary information

Primark generally pays its store staff at National Minimum Wage level. Other benefits offered by the company include a pension scheme, child care vouchers and structured training and development opportunities. If you climb to the management tiers, you can also receive health insurance and an annual bonus.

Career opportunities

The company offers three career paths: retail store sales, retail management and head office. Its most common vacancy is in retail sales, where you would be expected to organise stock and provide an excellent customer service experience. For its permanent vacancies, the company generally asks for two years of experience, ideally within retail.

All new staff are provided with a full induction programme and will then receive tailored training in line with discussions on their desired career. As part of its development programme, Primark offers NVQs in administration, customer service, leading teams and management.

Primark states that it is committed to offering career opportunities and that it has plenty of examples of staff who have climbed the career ladder. The most popular career move is from retail assistant through to deputy and store manager for those with ambition and potential.


Store Management
23 days' holiday (increasing to 25 days after 3 years' service)Health insurance (Assistant Manager level and above)Bonus scheme (Deputy Manager and above)Buying & Merchandising
20 days' holiday (increasing to 23 days after 3 years' service)Flexi-time schemeHealth insurance  (Assistant Buyer level and above)Bonus scheme (Buyer level and above)Retail assistants
Variety of shift patterns available to suit your lifestyle.Competitive salaryClick here to download Primark job application form.

Asda job application form

Asda Jobs
Asda, the supermarket chain, will open 25 new stores, renewing 43 existing one and building 3 new depots in 2012 which will create 5,000 new Asda jobs for jobseekers.

The retail giant will spend about £500m for this great expension plan. Asda currently have 528 stores across the UK.

The second biggest supermarket chain in the UK, ASDA has committed to create an additional 7,500 jobs through opening new stores, expanding their internet shopping and home delivery service and the recent takeover of UK branches of Danish supermarket Netto.

Despite the economic downturn, the thousands of new opportunites can be broken down to 3,500 vacancies in new stores, a further 2,400 in the ASDA home shopping service, 100 jobs in new pharmacies and 1,500 vacancies at the newly purchased Netto stores. Converting the 170 UK Netto stores to ASDA will start in early 2011 and is expected to be completed within 9 months, and it is anticipated the conversions will employ twice as many people in each store.

The ASDA Cheif Executive and President says, "I'm proud to say next year we will once again create thousands of new jobs at every level of our growing business.

Quote"At Asda we always recruit for attitude and train for skill, so you needn't have previous retail experience to apply. We're simply looking for people who share our passion for customer service."What is it like working for Asda?
The number of ASDA in-store pharmacies are also being expanded from 205 nationwide to 220, increasing the fully-qualified pharmacists by approximately 10% to create an additional 32 new jobs.

Over the next five years the ASDA hopes to secure their position as the number two in food sales and the leader in non-food sales where every single colleague will assist to get them there!  Maybe you can also be part of their team!

Click here to get Asda application form now for the stores London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh,  Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff, Coventry,  Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderland.
                                                          ASDA JOB VACANCIES

Poundland Jobs Application Form

Poundland Application Form

With over 300 stores nationwide, there are always a number of vacancies open within their stores. You can search and apply online via their website, where you can register and set up a regular e-mail service from them which allow them to e-mail you with any new job vacancies that come up. This way, you will never miss any opportunity if there’s not something for you the first time you look. Alternatively you can send a copy of your CV along with a covering letter addressed to the store manager to your local store.


The interview process at Poundland is a simple 1:1 interview, which you will be asked a number of retail related questions. For example;

“Why do you want to work for Poundland?”,
“Tell me a bit about yourself”,
“Can you give me some examples of teamwork?”,
“What do you know about Poundland?”,
“What makes you different from my other candidates and why should I choose to employ you?”.

Turn up 5-10 minutes prior to your interview, to give yourself time to gather your thoughts. Always keep a professional manor, even while you’re waiting to be called in for your interview. Avoid chewing gum and your mobile phone.

Salary & Benefits

As a Poundland employee, you will be offered a number of benefits; pension for salaried employees, life assurance cover, minimum of 28 days holiday for fulltime employees, which increases with service.

For a store manager, you’re looking at a salary of between £23,000 and £28,000pa, for a sales assistant, your salary will be £6.65ph.

Some of the current Poundland Stores are in:

London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff,  Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderland stores.


Poundland has a job site online where you can search and apply for job vacancies. Click here to visit Poundland's career site.

Poundland jobsPoundland interviewsPoundland payHave you got questions about Poundland careers? If yes then why not post them to this topic!

Sports Direct Job Application Form

Sports Direct Application Form

Sports Direct is a successful sports retail company that has over 470 stores within its group, including the brands of Sports Direct, Sports World, Field & Trek, Hargreaves Sports, Gilesports and Donnay International. It sells a wide range of sports related clothing, footwear and equipment and is committed to giving a great customer experience.

The company states that it offers its staff a fast paced and dynamic work environment and likes to build a workforce from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Career opportunities

The company has a regular need for entry level store jobs for which no retail experience is required. Because the company has a presence in Europe, the website also has details of opportunities in countries such as France, Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, Cyprus and Slovenia.

The company also states that it is committed to providing careers opportunities and it has a number of supervisory posts, including Floor Supervisors, Assistant Managers and Store Managers, available.

The company’s head office is in Shirebrook in Mansfield, where posts in central functions such as IT, human resources, finance and buying are available.

Salary information

Sports Direct The starting salary in Sports Direct’s stores is at the current National Minimum Wage level but rates of pay can increase to £6.80 per hour. Other benefits include a pension scheme, paid annual leave, flexible working and a 15% staff discount.

Floor Supervisors receive a salary of between £16,000 and £18,000 and a bonus of up to 30% of salary. For this type of post, you will need experience and the ability to ensure that sales targets for the store are exceeded.

How to apply

All of Sports Direct’s vacancies are listed online. If you visit and click on the Careers section, you will be taken to the company’s recruitment partner, People Bank. From there, you can search for jobs by type and location.

When you have selected a particular job, you will be asked to provide some personal information and details of your work experience. You can save your application form at any time and return to it at a later time to complete. When you have completed and submitted your online application, People Bank will send you an e-mail to confirm receipt. As part of the process, you will need to set up a People Bank profile.

Interview advice

The company is looking for people who are motivated and have a genuine desire to succeed. It also places great importance on being able to thrive in a customer service work environment. If you are invited to interview, you should talk about any experience you have of helping customers, how you tackle problem solving and how you would like to progress with the company.

Now the company is one of the biggest Sports Retail company in Europe.

Click here to go to sports direct careers page and learn more...

Iceland Jobs Application Form

Iceland Application Form

Iceland has been in business for over 40 years. They are still a growing company and opening up more and more store locations every year. The Sunday Times calls Iceland the Best Big Company to Work For. Working for Iceland means, keeping up with the demands of the public. Day to day activities that need to be done have to be done. How it gets done is an important part of what the company calls Our Culture. Employees and management at Iceland do not over complicate situations, they have a job at task and they work hard and get it done right the first time. Iceland employees are offered an open and honest way of communicating any concerns they have.

Customer service is extremely important to Iceland management; they understand that families are looking to eat properly and with great low prices and that is a big part of what Iceland does. They understand the plight of those who have less money to spend on food than others and that is why their prices are exceptional and their food is quality. Iceland offers home delivery for the busy family as well. Before applying for a company job, think about what you like to do, if you don’t like what you do, you cannot be productive. Iceland provides extensive training and development in order to make sure that whatever job you do, the company wants you do it with pride and excellence.

How to Apply

In order to really show your potential employer that you are the one that they are looking for, you need to stand above the rest. Your CV should be professional looking and only show the last couple of jobs rather than every job you ever had. Employers do not really care about the job you had 10 years ago unless it is the last job you had. You should include a cover letter; a cover letter is the one chance that you have to tell your potential employer why they should hire you. Your job application should be neat and truthful, never lie or embellish on job applications or on your CV.

Iceland is one of the fastest growing food retail companies in the United Kingdom. They have many job opportunities out there for motivated people looking to become part of the Iceland Family. Currently, Iceland is hiring for Retail Assistants, this can be done through your local Iceland location. Normal advertising for job vacancies are posted in store and seldom online. Though it never hurts to check. Though any employment opportunity for Head Office Support and Management Positions are posted online.

The company wants to offer the right people the right jobs, so they have a hiring condition on all employment opportunities, only full time jobs are available and you must have a valid permit to work in the United Kingdom. If you are interested please visit their nearest store location, you will have the opportunity to speak to a manager for an interview. When you sit down for an interview at Iceland, you should have a company application filled out as well as a CV. During the interview, you will find the interviewer is very friendly but will ask you a lot of questions, to make sure that you are Iceland material.

Click here to visit Iceland careers.

Metropolitan Police Careers

Metropolitan Police Careers and Jobs

There are over 14,000 people employed as Met Police Staff, carrying out 200+ different roles - from entry level positions to senior management - and providing the organisational capability we need to deliver an effective police service.

     They enjoy excellent opportunities for career progression.
     They receive one of the best rewards packages around.
     They get the support and training they need to achieve their development goals.

Pay & Benefits

Unsurprisingly, different professional and support staff posts attract different basic salary awards. What you receive is determined by where your role is positioned on a complex pay scale which is divided into 179 points and grouped into seven basic pay bands:

     Band A: £52,426 to £67,228
     Band B: £38,128 to £49,386
     Band C: £29,147 to £38,128
     Band D: £23,648 to £26,915
     Band E: £20,369 to £23,412
     Band F: £17,226 to £20,369
     Band G: £16,104 to £17,226

Each band represents a group of individual roles that are of similar value to the Met, as defined by a standardised and fair job evaluation system.

There are also a number of 'shadow bands' (H-Y) that reflect the value and salaries of particular specialist roles that don't fit into the basic band structure. For example, Band H is for Team Leader Lawyers and ranges from £65,253 to £78,835.

Whichever band your role is in, each year you move up a point on the scale until you reach the maximum permitted in your band. Of course, it is also possible to progress and move between bands as and when appropriate.

Additional allowances

If your role requires you to work shifts, you may also be entitled to an additional shift disturbance allowance of 12.5%, 15% or 20%, depending on your shift pattern.

On top of that, The Met's professional and support staff are also eligible for an additional London allowance, which varies according to the precise location of your work. 'Zone 1' covers inner London boroughs and attracts an extra £3,379 a year. 'Zone 2' (outer London) attracts £1,836.

All the Met's professional and support staff enjoy the kind of benefits that you would expect from London's biggest employer. These include substantial annual leave, eligibility to join the Civil Service Pension Arrangements, interest free season ticket loans, membership of Met sports and social clubs, flexible working conditions and many more.

H Samuel Job Application Form

H Samuel Application Form

With over 500 stores nationwide, your chance of a career within H.Samuel is just around the corner. If you want a career where you can make and create a difference, this is for you. H.Samuel seeks individuals who are attentive, knowledgeable and who are passionate about good retailing. If you can meet these requirements, what are you waiting for?

How to Apply

To apply, you first need to register on their website, where you can update all your personal details and upload your CV and covering letter. You can also sign up for an e-mail service which allows them to e-mail you about any new vacancies that match your profile, this way you never miss a thing. You can also call into a store near you and drop in your CV and covering letter, addressed to the store manager.


The interview is a 1:1 affair with the store manager. He/she will ask a few questions about your previous experience. They will probably ask questions like;

“What do you think you will enjoy the most and the least about this job?”,
“What do you like about H.Samuel products?”,
“How would you deal with a customer complaint?”,
“How would your friends and family describe you as a person?”.

It also helps if you do some research about the company, as usually they will ask towards the end of the interview if you have any questions, this just gives you something to ask, which shows your interest within the company. Keep a professional manor at all times, even when you are waiting for your interview to start, avoid chewing gum an your mobile phone.

What to Wear for the interview

Have a smart appearance; black trouser/skirt, black or white shirt and black shoes, first impressions make a huge difference.


The salary within H.Samuel is competitive, along with a number of bonuses and commission of each sale.

Click here to visit Signet careers site to lean more about H Samuel careers and apply for vacancies.

Phones4u Jobs Application Form

Phones4u Application Form

Having a job at Phones 4u is a great opportunity for those who thrive for technology. A phone isn’t just a device people use to make phone calls anymore, with all the leading brands of smartphones out there now. So why not take your first step towards making a full career at Phones4u?

With a number of different job roles, including; working in store, working in a call centre or working at head office, there’s something there for you. At the moment they have over 500 stores across the UK and Northern Ireland, Phones 4u is constantly expanding.

How to Apply

Applying for Phones 4u is all done online via their website. You are able to check out your local vacancies very easily with just a few clicks. You do need to pass a credit check, they check mainly for CCJs, if you have paid them off that’s fine, if not they won’t be able to take your application further.


The interview process is just a simple one to one face interview, you will be asked to give examples a time you have practiced good team work, great customer service etc. You will need to have some knowledge of phones, what’s new etc. as they will most probably ask a few questions regarding this.


Phones 4u also run a graduate scheme, to apply for this you need to send your CV along with a covering letter to them. They usually have 20-35 annual vacancies for this.


The salary for working at Phones 4u all depends on the job role, for a general sales assistant, you’re looking at £14,000pa, for a store manager, your salary will be between £16,000 and £24,000pa.

Click here to visit Phones4u careers.

Harvey Nichols Jobs Application Form

Harvey Nichols have been around in one form or another since 1820 when Benjamin Harvey passed his linen shop to his daughter on the understanding that she would go into partnership with Colonel Nichols selling oriental carpets, silks, and other luxury goods along side their existing linen lineup.

Now Harvey Nichols is a modern fashion retailer with 9 stores across the UK and an online store serving customers 24/7.

How to Apply

Harvey Nichols have an online jobs portal where you can search and apply for jobs. The portal has lots of information about the company and what you can expect from a career with them. If you prefer you can drop your CV and a covering letter into your local store. Try to hand your CV to the highest ranking staff member you can find. Write you covering letter in a formal manner and include all the reasons you think you would be a good match for Harvey Nichols.


If you are invited to an interview with Harvey Nichols you will have a face to face meeting with the floor manager. You will discuss the brands on sale, what you like about them and how you would go about selling them to customers. You may also be asked to try selling some items to customers. You will be asked about your opinions on what makes good customer service, and be asked to give examples of times you have gone out of your way to provide it. A good tip is to mention cross selling- sell the handbag that goes great with that dress.


Harvey Nichols offer a competitive salary and a large range of benefits for staff. Some of the benefits include a 30% staff discount, a generous clothing allowance, a pension scheme, season ticket loan program and loads more.

Click here to visit their career site.

Wickes Jobs Application Form

Wickes Application Form

Wickes supply all kinds of DIY products to the public. If you decide to join their team you can be sure of a happy and enjoyable working experience. Wickes pride themselves on treating their employees well and offer a range of benefits to their workers.

Wickes opened their first store in 1972 and now have over 200 stores across the UK. They are a part of the Travis Perkins group of companies so you can be assured that there are lots of chances for promotion with the company.

How to Apply

Applying for a position at Wickes could not be easier. Simply search for Wickes jobs online and you will be taken to their careers site. You can search for jobs in your area and apply for them via the website. Alternatively, if you know of any vacancies at your local store you can hand in a CV and covering letter. Your coving letter should be written in a formal manner and outline the reasons you wish to work with Wickes.


The interview process at Wickes is designed to get to know you as a person. It is important that you relax and be yourself. You should, of course, dress smartly and appear tidy and presentable. Try to be confident and friendly. You will be asked what you can provide for the company so prepare some answers to make you appear a valuable potential asset to the company.


Benefits of employment at Wickes include a discount card for Wickes stores and their partners, Bonus schemes and a profit share scheme that has proven to be very popular with employees.


The salary at Wickes depends on the position you apply for and the area you live in. Salaries are competitive and negotiable if you are offered a position.

Click here to visit Wickes careers.

Costa Coffee Jobs Application Form

Costa Coffee Application Form

Costa Coffee are a top brand of coffee shops around the high streets today. They wish their employees to have a passion for providing the best possible customer service, and to have a love for retail.

How to Apply

To apply for a role at Costa Coffee, you can download their application form which can be found on their website, or you can nip into your local shop to pick up one personally. The application form should take roughly 15-20 minutes to complete. It’s also advised to attach a copy of your CV and a cover letter to your application form, that way your potential employer has more information about you.


The interview at Costa Coffee is just a general run of the mill interview, which you will have with the store manager. Turn up 5-10 minutes prior to your interview and have a smart appearance, avoid chewing gum and your mobile phone as you need to keep a professional attitude throughout. You will be asked about any previous experience you may have, and asked a few questions like; “Why would you like to work at Costa Coffee?”, “What can you bring to us as an employee, if we decide to employ you?”. Just try to answer questions to the best of your ability, keep smiling and it also helps if you have done some background research about the company, then you can ask them a few questions towards the end of your interview.


The salary at Costa Coffee all depends on the role you play within the company, for a store manager you’re looking at a salary between £17,000 and £18,000pa, for an assistant store manager you’re looking at a salary between £13,000 and £15,000pa, and for a team member you’re looking at earning national minimum wage which is currently £6.08.

Click here to download an application form for Costa Coffee.

This is what Costa says:

QuoteThank you for showing interest in working for Costa. We hope this will give you a taste of how passionate we are about our business, along with all the information you need to make a decision about working with us. We've lots to tell you about our successful, fast-growing company that loves coffee.

Adidas Jobs Application Form

Adidas Application Form

Adidas are willing to employ their staffs who have no previous retail experience, but you do need to have a few skills to be considered for a role within their retail stores; critical thinking, ability to develop collaborative relationships, practical problem solving, excellent customer service, and adaptability.

How to Apply

To apply to work within one of their branches, it couldn’t be simpler. Everything is done online via their website, you have free range to search for current open vacancies at your leisure, and if any of them take your fancy, you can apply within a few clicks. After filling out the online application, you can also send a CV and a covering letter along with it, just to give your potential employer more information about you. Your covering letter should be roughly half a side of A4, be set out like a formal letter with your address and contact information on the top right hand corner. You should have your first paragraph about you, your experience etc. and the second paragraph should tell them why you are interested to apply for the role at Adidas.


The interview process is quite relaxed with the store manager. It’s a 1:1 affair, but do turn up with a smart appearance just to be on the safe side. The store manager will ask questions regarding your previous experience and he/she will discuss more in length about the role requirements. Try to do some research about the company as then you can prepare some questions to ask yourself towards the end of your interview.


Once you become an Adidas employee, you are entitled to a number of staff benefits; dental care, travel insurance, critical illness insurance and life assurance.


The salary at Adidas is quite competitive, for a sales assistant you will start off on national minimum wage which is currently £6.08ph, for a store manager you’re looking at a salary of between £28,000 and £35,000pa.

Click here to visit Adidas career site.

Brantano Jobs Application Form

Brantano Application Form

Brantano are footwear retailers. They came to the UK in 1998 and opened 47 stores. They have now expanded into 145 stores across the UK. They are a part of the Macintosh Retail Group. Working for a long established company like Brantano is attractive because it can mean better job security.

Most Brantano stores are located on retail parks making them easy to get to. They keep their footwear on the shelves in pairs so that trying them on is easier for the customers and less hassle for staff. This should translate to a more comfortable and less stressful working environment for the staff working with customers at Brantano.

How to Apply

Brantano have an online careers portal where you can search and apply for jobs online. If you would rather do things the old fashioned way you can take your CV with a covering letter into your local store. Be sure to write you CV in a formal manner and include the reasons you would be a good match for Brantano.


If you are invited to an interview with Brantano you should appear well groomed and clean, wearing smart clothes like a suite or white blouse. The interviewer will try to get to know you as a person so be outgoing and confident but be yourself! You will be asked questions that asses your suitability for the role. you may also be asked if you have any questions for the interviewer. You should prepare some questions before your interview.


In-store assistants at Brantano can expect to earn national minimum wages. Managers and other senior staff will attract higher salaries and these are usually negotiable depending on experience and store location. Be prepared to negotiate your salary if you are offered a senior position at Brantano.

Click here to visit their career site to learn more.

O2 Jobs Application Form

O2 seek individuals who thrive on excellent customer service, who can meet targets and are generally a positive person. O2 is the perfect job for you if you match the above requirements and have a passion for mobile phone/broadband technology.

How to Apply

To apply to work at O2, you can search for current vacancies online or simply take your CV and a covering letter to your local store. Your covering letter should be set out like a formal letter with your address and contact details at the top right hand side of the letter, one paragraph telling them about you and your experience and a second paragraph explaining why you think you are suitable for the role at O2.


The interview at O2 is with the store manager and yourself. They will expect you to have some knowledge about the top brands of mobile phones and will ask a number of questions regarding this. They also ask you to tell them about something you are passionate about, this can be anything you like, they are asking you this to see how well you are at describing something to someone who doesn’t necessarily know anything about the given topic. They will want to know about your previous experience and how your previous roles can help you with the role at O2.


O2 also run a finance graduate scheme, they intake annually for this. They seek the best of the best for this role and is designed to give you exposure to all areas of their ever evolving business, whilst gaining an internationally-recognised CIMA qualification at the same time.

Benefits and Salary

While you are an O2 employee, you will be entitled to a number of benefits including; childcare vouchers, a learning fund, flexible holidays, dental insurance, health cash plan, pension, travel insurance, shopping vouchers, critical illness cover, bikes, carbon offsetting and eye care cover.

The salary at O2 is competitive and will be negotiated at your interview, your salary all depends on the area of the store and your experience.

Click here to visit 02's careers site.

Laura Ashley Job Application Form

Laura Ashley Application Form

Laura Ashley is a perfect company to become involved with, for those who love home furnishings, have a great eye for perfection and have great fashion sense. Do you meet those expectations? If so, then this role is perfect for you.

With over 207 stores throughout the UK, and 251 global stores, finding a job at the one close to you, shouldn’t be too hard. If its retail outlets that you’re interested in working in, vacancies are advertised in store. More of a behind the scenes role you’re after? No problem, check out their website for current vacancies in your area.

How to Apply

It’s always a good idea to have your CV up to date, with all relevant information for when you wish to apply to work at Laura Ashley, take that along with a covering letter explaining why you want to work at Laura Ashley to the store to be considered for a retail role. For anything from becoming a Print Design Assistant to a Pc/Web Developer, all vacancies can be found online, for you to apply.


If you’re successful with your application, they will invite you for an interview. One of the big questions they will ask is “Can you tell me of any knowledge you already know regarding the company and what we supply?” So you need to ensure you have done some research on the company, being stuck for words is a no go. Try to be a confident, outgoing person, be happy and make sure you listen carefully to each question you are asked.


Regarding salary for working at Laura Ashley, it all depends on which role you have applied for. For a general sale assistant, you’re looking at anything between £9,787 and £16,129, for a retail store manager, you’re looking between £16,124 and £37,444. Assistant store manager’s salary is between £10,753 and £21,622.
Click here to visit their careers site to apply for vacancies online.

Monsoon Accessorize Job Application Form

Monsoon Application Form

Monsoon is the perfect place to work for you fashion gurus out there. Find out all the latest fashion trends while working, what more could you asks for?

Monsoon prides them for providing great customer care, so they expect all their employees to be passionate about fashion, be an all-round positive person and be a great team player.

How to Apply

To apply for a vacancy near you, it’s all done online. They also advise you to send them a copy of your CV with your application form. Make sure all your details are up to date, and feel free to tweak it a little to suit to role your applying for. It’s also a good idea to add a covering letter with your application, just to give your potential employer more of an idea of you as a person.


Your interview will start with a telephone interview, this is where you will be asked more competency based questions to see if you’re ideal for the job role, and the telephone interview usually lasts for 15-20 minutes. If you’re successful at this stage, you will either be invited to a 1:1 interview, or an assessment centre. If you’re attending an assessment centre, you will be fully briefed before your interview. Assessment centre will consist of a group exercise, where they will be observing how well you work as part of a team, a presentation which you will need to prepare for in advance and a competency based interview.

Click here to download Monsoon application form.

Homebase Job Application Form

Homebase Application Form

Homebase jobs report very high levels of job satisfaction from their employees with their contentment levels coming from the satisfaction of the job profile and workload with reference to their remuneration. There is a job at Homebase for you even if you do not have high qualifications with regard to education or professional achievements. What matters with Homebase is the need for an employee to have an eye for d├ęcor and a desire to pursue levels of home improvement excellence with diligence. Homebase job vacancies are available across the country, so if you are interested you can get in touch with them today.

homebase job application form


Homebase is constantly seeking employees who have a passion for retail, who are excellent team players, and who can offer the best customer service possible. In return, Homebase will provide you with an exciting career, with a friendly work environment and excellent opportunities for professional development.

To apply, you can search on their website for current vacancies if you already know the role in which you would like. If you’re still undecided, you can look up more information about each job role via their website too.


The interview at Homebase is slightly different from other interviews you may have been involved in. In the beginning, you will watch a 15-minute long video about customer service, with many examples of bad customer service. Your group will then be split into two, one half will have a 10 minute interview with a store manager who will be looking to learn more about each of you. You will be asked questions and you will have to imagine you are already a Homebase employee and answer them accordingly. The other half of the group will be taken for a group exercise, kind of like a team building exercise where you will be asked to tell the group your name, your interests, etc. You will then have to recall people’s information of what they have said about themselves so do your best to remember as much as you can.


Homebase also runs a graduate scheme for a sales consultant role, the application deadline for this is roughly the 5th of September.


As a Homebase employee you will be entitled to the following benefits; 24 days holiday, commission, 20% discount at Homebase and 10% at Argos, share save scheme, and pension.


Your salary at Homebase for a sales assistant is between £8,394 and £20,495 pa, for a store manager your salary is between £13,250 and £63,404pa.

Click here to download Homebase application form

Screwfix Jobs Application Form

Screwfix Application Form

Screwfix is the largest supplier of hardware products, accessories and trade tools across the UK. With many jobs across their trade counters, their contact centre or in their head office, there’s something for every applicant.

How to Apply

Applying with Screwfix is all done online, where you can search and apply for any of the vacancies that stand out to you. You will need to take about 15 minutes or so to fill out all your personal details on your very own unique profile, you are also advised to upload a copy of your CV and a covering letter at this stage. Sending along a covering letter to the company s an extra way to sell yourself.


You should expect a 1:1 interview with a member of the management team once you get to this stage. Keep professional at all times, have a smart appearance and be polite. You will be asked general retail questions to start, for example; “Why Screwfix?”, “Do you have any retail experience?”, “What, in your eyes, makes good customer service?”. Then they will get down to the job role and what you will be expected to do. You will be asked a few health and safety questions to see how much you know, and also your knowledge about some of the products they supply, so it helps to do your homework on the company beforehand.

Screwfix take pride for working in partnership with Bournemouth, Exeter and University of the West of England universities to provide their graduate schemes. Applications for their graduate scheme are also done online.

Benefits and Salaries

Screwfix have a staff discount on products for all their employees.

For a trade only assistant, your salary will be between £12,000 and £14,000pa, a fulltime service assistant’s salary is between £14,000 and £16,000pa and management roles are between £45,000 and £50,000pa.

Click here to visit Screwfix careers.

Post Office Jobs Application Form

Post Office jobs, careers and Post Office job application form thread. Please use this topic to ask any questions, share your experience and anything about Post Office careers.

You can also discuss about Post Office temporary jobs, part-time, permanent and christmas opportunuties.

click here to download an application form or just go to post office official job page and search and apply for jobs.

good luck..

QuotePost Office Limited has the largest Post Office network in Europe and the biggest retail branch network in the UK.

Career opportunities exist across the UK in a wide variety of jobs from frontline positions through to management posts.

At times we have head office vacancies – both staff and management - in Operations and Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Direct Sales, Sales and Service and Banking and Financial Services.

On the frontline we have positions for people who’d like to work behind the post office counter, work for Cash Services or who’d like to become a subpostmaster or mistress or own a franchise.

In return for your commitment, we can offer you a competitive salary plus all the training and development you need to reach your full potential.

London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff, Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderland many more branches. 

Zara Job Application Form

Zara Application Form

Zara is the perfect job for you if you have a passion for fashion, you also need to have a love for working within a retail store and enjoy providing good customer service. If this sounds like you, why not apply? Zara is an internationally recognised fashion outlet so as you can imagine, finding a vacancy at a store near you shouldn’t be too hard.


Zara usually advertise on certain job seekers websites, where you are free to apply for the role you would like. You’re also more than welcome to call into a store near you to drop off a copy of your CV along with a covering letter addressed to the store manager. They do also sometimes have recruitment days in which anyone can turn up for, these will be advertised in the newspaper and on some job seeker websites.


You can expect a 1:1 interview with Zara, and it’s usually held with the store manager. First impressions have a huge impact on the interviewers decision and with this being for a fashion outlet, its important what you choose to wear. Try not to over-do it with your make-up, avoid chewing gum and your mobile phone as you want to appear profession at all times. You will be asked general retail questions like;

“Why do you want to work at Zara?”,
“Do you have any experience which can be used for this role?”,
“Can you tell me a bit about yourself?”.


As a Zara employee, you will be eligible for the staff discount they run, you will know more about this at the interview stage as it all depends on the store you work at and the role you have within the company.


For a sales assistant, your salary will be national minimum wage. For assistant managers and store managers your salary is negotiable.

Click here to visit Zara careers.

Thorntons Jobs Application Form

Thorntons Application Form

Thorntons is known by pretty much everyone all over the UK, so why not apply to work with them today? For their retail stores, they don’t always want someone with experience, they are seeking individuals who have a passion for retail, and they want their employees to be willing to go that extra mile for each and every one of their customers.

How to Apply

Applying to work in store can be done either online, where you can search and apply for their current open vacancies. Alternatively you can call into a store near you with a copy of your CV and a covering letter addressed to the store manager. By sending in a covering letter, it gives you that little extra way to get your personality across to them, so think before you write yours out.


The interview will be held with the store manager. Turn up a little earlier to your interview with a smart appearance and get yourself ready for the questions you will be asked. He/she will ask more questions regarding your application, they want to get to know you as a person rather than just what’s written in front of them. You will be asked general retail questions like; “Why Thorntons?”, “What could you bring to the store, if we employ you?”, “Can you tell me what you think is the key to good customer service?”. It’s also a good idea to do some research about the company and what sort of products they are offering at that time of the year.

Thorntons also run their own graduate scheme, usually for management but they often have other vacancies on their website.

Salary within Thorntons is competitive and negotiable at the interview stage, for all roles.

Click here to visit Thorntons careers.

Mothercare Job Application Form

Mothercare Application Form

MotherCare is the perfect job for those who are seeking new challenges, have a passion for retail and who can deliver fantastic customer service. You also need to be a compassionate individual who can meet customer needs about parenting and neutering.

How to Apply

To apply to work within MotherCare, you can check out their website where you can search and apply for their current vacancies. Or you can stop in your local store and drop in a copy of your updated CV and a covering letter, which should be addressed to the store manager. All applications will be treated of importance and you should hear back within 7-14 days of applying.


If you are successful at the application stage, you will be called in for an interview. The interview is split into two stages, one is a group interview and then you will be asked to do a 1:1 interview with the store manager. The group interview usually consists of a group exercise where you will be given a task by the interviewer; the end result of the task doesn’t really matter, as they are only observing how you work as a team. Try to take leadership of your group and ensure that you never take a back seat with anything, you want to be noticed! The 1:1 interview is a more persona interview where the store manager will ask more questions regarding your experience and will be interested in hearing how you handle certain work situations.


Mother Care also runs a graduate scheme within their head office. Again, you can apply for this via their website; they will ask a number of questions regarding your application at this stage to see if you are suitable.

Benefits and Salary

As a Mother Care employee, benefits are as follows; bonus scheme, pension, employee discount, staff shop, childcare vouchers, sharesave scheme, work life balance.

The salary at Mother Care is competitive and will be reviewed at the interview stage.

Click here to visit Mothercare careers.

Claires Job Application Form

Claire's Application Form

Claire’s current have over 3,000 stores worldwide in 27 different countries. They seek individuals who have a passion for retail, customer service and who love fashion accessories. With a number of different roles within their company, there is something for everyone.

To apply for a role within the company, you will need to register on their website. There you will be able to search and apply for their current job vacancies once you have updated all your personal information, uploaded a CV and a covering letter. You can also take advantage of their e-mail service, where you can sign up to receive e-mail notifications about new jobs added that match your profile, that way you will never miss an opportunity within the company.

As a Claire’s employee, you will have a number of benefits which you can take advantage of; up for 50% staff discount for you and your immediate family, private medical insurance, annual bonus scheme, childcare vouchers, life assurance, long service awards and 23 days holiday entitlement (will increase to 28 days with service).

Claires Jobs Application FormThe salary at Claire’s all depends on your job role, for a general sales assistant you will start off on national minimum wage which is currently £6.08ph if you are over the age of 22. For supervisor and management roles your salary is competitive and will be discussed at the interview stage.

If you want to work at a Claire's store as a sales assistant then you must be loving talking to people. Sales Associates demonstrate Claire's products and help customers find what they are looking for in the store. This role will be helping management team to achieve the store's target.

Claire's require candidates to have excellent sales skills in order to apply for the vacancies.

Claire's Interview

Once you have passed online job application then you wil be invited for an interview at a Claire's store. As you know, you can also apply for the vacancies in person then you would fill a printed application form. They would call you to let you know about your application.

You must be well prepared for the interview. You will recieve retail related questions as well as basic interview questions.

The interview at Claire’s is a general retail interview. You will be interviewed by the store manager who will ask a few questions regarding your application and your experience. Having a smart appearance is a good idea, as first impressions have a huge impact on the interviewers decision, try to remain professional at all times, even while you are waiting to be called in for your interview. Take a copy of your CV along with you, they ask this of everyone even if you have already sent on in.

Salary & Benefits

Salaries can be between £12,000 and £15,000 a year.

You will also have benefits for working at Claire's stores:
Store discountsPensionCompetetive SalariesHealthHow to apply for a Claire's job

The company is listing their vacancies online so click here to visit them and start searching for positions and apply. You can also register yourself for a job alert feature. You can also apply in person.

About Claire's

QuoteClaire’s was founded in the 1960s with the merging of 2 fashion accessory retailers in Chicago, US, and by 1992 we had over 1,000 stores in the US. Fashion proves to have no borders, as our amazing growth has continued with stores in over 34 countries globally and continued growth internationally.

Today, Claire’s has over 3,000 stores and we’re the number 1 ear piercer in the world, piercing on average 3 million ears a year – fulfilling our mission to be the preferred global destination for fun fashion accessories.

So take a moment to find out more about us. We are confident that you’ll understand why we truly love what we do at Claire’s.

Wetherspoon Job Application Form

Wetherspoons Application Form

Wetherspoon is a fast growing chain of pubs around the UK. With a number of different career roles to suit every application level, there’s something for everyone. Entry level roles like a bar person or waiter/waitress, an applicant doesn’t need any previous experience. However, most chef roles and management roles require some experience and possibly have some qualification requirements.

To apply to join the team at Wetherspoon’s, it is all done online. You can search for the vacancies with a few clicks of your mouse and fill out their online application form. This usually takes 20-30 minutes to complete, ensure that you check over every little detail that you have put on your application.


The interview is a 1:1 affair with the store manager. You will be asked to give details about your past and present employment and also be asked a few questions regarding any experience you may have, which could be used within the role at Wetherspoon’s. The interviewer will also go through the job role with you, so you know what to expect if you are successful. Remember to stay professional at all times, answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Keep smiling and stay positive. It’s also advised to have a smart appearance; black trousers/skirt, black or white shirt and black shoes, also avoid wearing too much make-up.

As an employee at Wetherspoon’s you will be entitled to a number of benefits; a bonus scheme, 28 days paid holiday, staff discount, free shares and loyalty reward scheme.

Salary and Benefits

The salary at Wetherspoon’s is competitive, for a sales associate you will be looking at earning from £6.08ph to £7.40ph (over 21 years old), for a management role you are looking at a salary between £17,681 and £18,768pa.

Excellent hourly rates, paid weekly, Bonus potential of up to 17% of hourly rate, paid monthly, Receive free shares (Share Incentive Plan), after a qualifying period, Pay increases on completion of training, 28 days’ holiday, Childcare voucher scheme, 50% discount on food, while on duty; 20% when off duty, Eligible to join the pension scheme (not eligible for company contribution).

Visit Wetherspoon careers site to apply for latest vacancies.

Greggs Job Application Form

Greggs Application Form

Greggs plan is to open up a lot more stores and jobs across all of the UK. And has goals to become a bigger chain than McDonalds! With plenty of different job opportunities from working in their retail stores, to baking all the yummy food, or even being on the back line of things and working in their office’s; there will be something that suits your career needs.

How to apply

The application process with Greggs is quite simple, with everything being done online these days, it makes searching for their job vacancies much easier. Applying online usually takes around 30 minutes; they will ask a number of questions to test how you would handle certain work situations. You will need to upload your CV and a covering letter, so make sure it’s all up to date and has all relevant content for your role at Greggs.


If your online application was successful, Greggs will invite you to an interview, you will expected to take personal ID documents to prove your right to work in the UK. Interview questions examples;

“Can you give me an example of when you provided great customer service”,
“Do you have any experience within a similar role?”.


Your salary at Greggs all depends on your job role. This is the expected pay for all employees after they have completed their training. Team members £6.52ph (team members under the age of 18 start on £5.31ph, rising to £5.55ph after training). Senior team member £6.94ph, £16,870pa as an assistant manager, £19,540pa as a shop manager.

Greggs has different jobs at its stores including retail, management, bakery, delivery and administration roles, all across the UK.


QuoteWe have a number of different roles within our shops, from management to Team Members. Whatever your job, you'll help provide more than just excellent customer service. You'll be the friendly face our customers drop in to see. And you'll be vitally important to everything we do.
Click here to visit Greggs careers site to search and apply for vacancies.

Harrods Job Application Form

Harrods Application Form

Do you have an eye for fashion? Enjoy getting the latest trends, before others? Why not see if a career in Harrods is for you? You might think your dream job is hard to come by. Harrods can offer all you fashion gurus out there your dream career, not just your dream job.

With such an expanding company like Harrods, as a job seeker you have an easy time finding a suitable vacancy. Permanent sales assistant, seasonal sales assistant, assistant store manager or store manager, I’m sure there’s something that will suit you personally.

How to Apply

To apply; it’s easy, a quick search on the internet and bobs your uncle! The online application shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes; make sure you get your personality across as much as possible, because if they like what they read, they will invite you for an interview.


If you’re lucky enough to be called back in for an interview, make sure you take an updated version of your CV with you, to give them something to refer to once you have gone. The interview is split into two stages, one just a normal one to one interview where they will ask a number of personality questions to see if you’re well suited for the job. The second part will hold a number of tasks ranging from a group assessment, a presentation, interactive role play situations or even a formal shop floor interview. Harrods like to keep you on your toes, so it could be any of the examples given.

Salary and Benefits

Working at Harrods, you will qualify for a number of benefits; earning a 1% commission for every item sold, 50% company clothing allowance, up to 33% discount of most products in store, a Harrods rewards card which converts points occurred into money. You will also be offered a competitive rate of pay which for a sales assistant, averages at £8.45ph. Salary for a retail store manager is between £31,000 and £34,000pa.

Click here to visit Harrods careers.

Pizza Hut Jobs Application Form

Pizza Hut Application Form

Pizza Hut as a business is constantly expanding, join them and you will join a team of 18,000 employees and over 700 stores across the UK. Pizza Hut believes in giving everyone a chance, so other than the high up roles like supervisors and management, you won’t need any experience to apply.

How to Apply

To apply to join their team, you have two options. You can freely search and apply for any vacancies they have on their website, where you will need to register and update a few personal details. You will also have the option to upload a copy of your CV online. Alternatively you can call into a store near you and ask for an application form, this should take roughly 15 minutes to fill out and its advised to attach a copy of your CV and a covering letter to your application form. A covering letter is that little bit extra to provide which you can sell yourself on.


The interview is with the store manager and yourself. You will be asked more questions regarding the role you are applying for and if you have any previous retail experience. You will be given a run down about the role you are applying for so that if you are successful, you have an idea of what to expect. If the store manager is pleased with your interview, they may ask you to attend a 3 hour work trail, where you will be classed as a normal employee for the duration and it gives you a chance to prove you are suitable for the role.


You will receive excellent training once you are a Pizza Hut employee, you will also be able to take advantage of the staff discount and shares which they offer.


The salary at Pizza Hut is negotiable for management and supervisor roles, and for a team member you will earn national minimum wage.

Click here to visit Pizza Hut careers.

Waitrose Job Application Form

Waitrose job vacancies are perfect for those who are in love working in retail! The company has about 250 stores across the UK and it seems like the number is increasing from month to month.

Waitrose is well known for its smaller supermarkets stocking a good range of fine foods and groceries. AS you would expect from the John Lewis group, they have quite a reputation for being a higher end retailer, and this is reflected in their staff morale and store ethos. Their commitment to quality and customer service is paramount, and being able to provide that is what they look for most in staff members.

Waitrose offer a range of grocery store positions from warehousing staff, to stock replenishment, customer service and management positions. They offer a great variety of shift patterns and family friendly hours. They offer a bonus scheme, a non contributory pension and generous holiday allowance. They also offer discount across the partnership, life assurance and even have their own holiday facility that employees can utilise for a subsidised holiday. John Lewis partnership has possibly the finest employee benefit package available in the market.

The recruitment site is available at and contains details of the kinds of vacancies that you can apply for within the company, it also contains a wealth of information about the various roles and responsibilities. It also details more information about the benefits of working for the partnership. You can apply for both Waitrose and John Lewis positions from the site.

To find a job, visit the site and use the search option to find a position you are interested in. Once you apply for the position which you are interested in you can check your progress online throughout. The first step is a form where you put your details in and explain why you would like the job. If you are suitable you may be invited to an interview with the store manager and from there you will be assessed for your suitability for the role.

What kind of Waitrose careers available?

Waitrose store jobs (sale assistants, cleaners, drivers, parking assistants, supervisors, managers), Head office vacancies, Distribution jobs.

Although the list of Waitrose Job Vacancies will change, there are many current entries that might suit you. For instance, you will find that there are plenty of administration positions that are open should you choose to look into work in an administrative setting, and there are also plenty of options open should you decide that you are interested in checking out jobs involved in the culinary field; you will find that if you have experience when it comes to catering that this is one way to get your start with this exceptional company.

River Island Job Application Form

River Island Application Form

River Island jobs can offer you an excellent career in the United Kingdom. River Island has been in the fashion business in the United Kingdom for over 60 years. There are currently more than 300 store locations in the UK as well as in Ireland, Asia, Middle East and Europe. The most popular and successful store is located right here in the UK on High Street.

What River Island is best known for is very stylish but affordable fashions. River Island works to bring you original looking fashions and the most current styles. A majority of designs are done in house and High Street houses one of the largest design teams of all of the River Island location.


River Island has many great company jobs to offer just the right people. Fashion is one of those industries where it is very fast paced and it is ever changing, as the styles change so does our designs. Our potential employees must be able to keep up in our ever changing fashion world. The head office is located on West London and it is fun and challenging place to work. There are three ma available, the Head Office, Store Manager and Sales Advisor. River Island describes each job as

•    Office Manager, a wide range of different employees work from the head office, everyone from Designers and Buyers, Merchandisers as well as Human Resources and Customer Service.

•    Store Manager: Store Management teams have to be dedicated and customer focused. You must have very strong people management skills plus good planning and organizational skills.

•    Sales Advisor: You must be committed to bring our customers great customer service while making sure that the stores are clean, neat and inviting. Everything must be in the proper place and all items should be kept organized.

How to Apply

To work for River Island you will need a CV for the company as well as a company application. The application must be filled out properly and with the correct information. The CV should be accurate and professional looking. A cover letter is also a great way to tell your interviewer everything you need to say in case at the interview you forget or did not have enough time. Your cover letter should include why you are better suited for the job than anyone else who may be applying.


Interview tips for your big day:

•    Always be on time. Nothing turns an employer off more than a potential employee who is late.

•    Always bring a copy of your CV and Cover Letter. You may have already submitted it when you filled out the application but it is professional to have another copy with you at the time of the interview.

•    Be Polite, never be rude or answer a question with a short curt answer. Always keep good eye contact and always speak clearly

•    Dress appropriately; since the interview is for a fashion retailer, you want to look nice and neat. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on an interview outfit but choose something comfortable. Women should wear a skirt or dress and men should wear a shirt, tie and jacket.

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By doing all of these things and being honest about your work experience, you can really show a potential employer why you should be hired.

Click here to visit River Island job site to search and apply for vacancies.

Matalan Jobs Application Form Download

Matalan Application Form

Matalan is one of the most popular clothing and homewares retail store located in the United Kingdom. The store’s founder found out about a small out of town retail idea where food and non-food items were being sold in the United States. He decided to create the same style of store in the United Kingdom in 1985 in Preston. Today, there are over 190 stores as well as a new distribution center. Matalan houses clothing for Women, Men and Kids as well as homewares.

How to Apply
Matalan offers company jobs that offer great pay and a great place to work. Some of the newest slew of jobs opening up will be located in the Newtownards store location. The jobs available are the Store Manager, Deputy Manager, Department Manager, Admin Manager and General Sales Assistants. Let’s see what each of these jobs entails.

You can apply for Matalan jobs online however you can also visit the store and apply in person via your CV or a printed application form which you can find it from the bottom of this page.


•    Store Manager: This is a high impact job as well as a highly visible role when you will be challenged on a day to day basis. Your job will be inspiring your team to bring excellent shopping experiences to your customers. The requirements of the job are that you have what it takes to keep your employees motivated and focused on their job.

•    Deputy Manager: This job will require you to manage the store deliveries as well as manage the stockroom as well as day to day administration duties.

•    Department Manager: You will be responsible for increasing sales in your department as well as keep your section fully stocked and ordered. You must have creativity since part of the job is setting up displays and counter tops.

•    Admin Manager: will be responsible for health and safety audits, stock flow and checks. This job will require you to learn all of the ins and outs of business.

•    General Sales Assistants: Here you will be reporting to the store manager. Your job will be to help increase sales by offering customers a high standard of customer service to every customer.


Once you have scored with the application, you will need a company interview. Dress accordingly; do not wear jeans or T-shirt to an interview. Be on time and be well spoken. An employer would like to talk to someone who sounds intelligent and to someone who knows what they are talking about.

    32 days' holiday including bank holidays    20% discount at all stores    Life assurance    Bonus schemeClick here to download Matalan application form.

Ikea Job Application Form

Ikea Application Form

Ikea jobs can be just right for you if you are a passionate worker and love working in a friendly environment. The company has over 25 stores across the UK and those stores are employing over 100,000 people from many different etnics and religions.

Career opportunities

Ikea advertises a wide range of vacancies on its website, including sales, customer relations, visual design, logistics and management.

Ikea has a different take on careers than other companies and is flexible enough to support staff to change to a different role or country. It also boasts that learning and developing isn’t an option – it’s a way of life when you work for the company. It also believes that a career doesn’t have to a traditional vertical one but can be one that moves into different functions and ends up looking completely different from where you first started.

Ikea offers a wide range of on-the-job development opportunities and will suit people who want to take on new responsibilities and learn from the experience.

How to apply

The company has a full careers section on its website, where you can search for vacancies in particular locations. The company states that it accepts CVs so take the time to review yours so that it really sells your skills and abilities. It also places great importance on your cover letter so take the time to describe your enthusiasm for the job and what you can offer to Ikea.

You will receive an acknowledgement of your application and Ikea will contact you if it wants to invite you to interview.

Salary information

The average hourly rate of pay for sales staff is £6.75, with new starts initially receiving a lower rate. The company also offers a wide range of other benefits, including pension scheme, staff discount, childcare vouchers, company sick pay and life insurance.

What are the benefits and rewards for working at this retail giant?

- Firstly a generous staff discount
- Annual paid holidays, at least 25 days
- Pension plan
- Competitive wages

Interview advice

Ikea will want you to talk at interview about your passion for retail, ability to provide great customer service and team working skills. You should also demonstrate an understanding of how your work and responsibilities will contribute to the overall success of the store.

Click here to visit Ikea careers.

Store Manager - Llanelli Parc Trostre - New Store Opening

Claires are opening a new store and require new staff and managers!

Job Title                             Store Manager - Llanelli Parc Trostre (New Store Opening)
Location                             Llanelli, Wales
Posted                               01/12/2011 (09:20)
Agency/Employer               Claire's
Job Type                             Permanent

Making sure a Claire’s store runs like clockwork is no small task, so it’s no wonder our Store Managers are the best in the business.

Responsible for overseeing all store activities you’ll lead and inspire your team to exceed expectations and meet specified targets and deadlines by demonstrating unrivalled levels of customer service, as well as a thorough knowledge of all Claire’s products and services.

You’ll make sure your store is maintained to the highest standards and sparkles as much as the people and products within it. As Store Manager you will ensure that in-store presentation of products is perfectly executed, and where necessary adapt the planned product layout to deliver a commercial customer focused solution.

Reporting to the District Sales Manager, you’ll also take responsibility for recruiting, developing and managing Store Assistants, whilst creating a fun and motivational working environment.

With infectious enthusiasm and an inspirational leadership style, you’ll be able to demonstrate solid management experience in retail, leisure or hospitality, during which time you’ll have honed your exceptional organisational, problem solving and leadership skills. You’ll also need to be educated to GCSE level (or equivalent) with excellent numeracy and literacy skills.
Register your CV and Apply for this role!

Coca Cola Jobs Application Form

Coca Cola Application Form

Coca Cola is the brand that you hear about everywhere, even more so at Christmas when the all famous Father Christmas Coca Cola truck is on TV. They have been running their business for 125 years so far and operate in over 200 countries.

How to Apply

All applications are done online, where you are free to search and apply for any of the vacancies you like the sound of. You will need to make your very own personal profile, but that shouldn’t take too long at all. You will have a chance to also upload a copy of your CV and a covering letter, if you wish. There’s also an option for you to sign up to their e-mail service, where they can send alerts through to your personal e-mail about any new job vacancies which have been added.


The interview stage is a 1:1 affair with a member of the management team. Turning up 5-10 minutes prior to your interview is advised and having a smart appearance. They will ask you in depth about your work history and your experience, so be ready to talk a lot about yourself and stay positive. You will be given more information about the role you’re applying for so you know exactly what to expect if you’re successful.
Coca Cola also run a number of graduate scheme’s within the company, more information can be found on their website where you can also apply.


As an employee within the company, you will be entitled to the following benefits; discount on products, a competitive salary, annual merit review, education benefits and retirement plans.


The salary within the company all depends on your job role, a brand manager’s salary is between £47,000 and £70,000pa, a sales analyst’s salary is between £31,000 and £43,000pa.

Subway Job Application Form

Subway Application Form

Do you fancy yourself as something of an artist? How about a “Sandwich Artist™”? If yes, or even if not! You should consider a career at Subway. Subway is a global brand with stores all over the UK and beyond. You should be aware that many Subway stores are owned by franchisees so working conditions may vary from store to store.
Subway are purveyors of fresh sandwiches that are created in front of the customer as they wait. Their focus on quality is strong and you will be expected to do everything you can to maintain that image.

How to Apply

The subway careers website allows you to search for stores near you and apply on spec. This means that you do not have to wait for them to advertise a vacancy before applying. You can also drop your CV with a cover letter into your local store directly. Write your covering letter in a formal way and include some reasons you think you would be a good match for subway. Be sure to hand your CV and covering letter directly to a manager.


The interview process at Subway is fairly run of the mill. You will be asked to demonstrate you knowledge about Subway so be sure to study the information on their site before your interview. You may be asked to complete a simple maths test and to explain why you are a good match for Subway. You may be asked questions about your availability, flexibility and how you plan to travel to work if you are offered a position. You will also be given the chance to ask some questions of your own. Be sure to have some questions prepared if this comes up.


Subway pay their “Sandwich Artists™” £6.08 per hour. Other positions have negotiable salaries and are dependent on both location and the preferences of the franchisee.
About Sandwich Artists

QuoteSandwich Artists™ have a positive outlook, thrive in a busy work environment and are keen to learn the art of great sandwich making. You will work well as part of a team, making delicious sandwiches to customer requirements. You will be responsible for serving customers, following health and safety procedures, and keeping the store clean.
Click here to visit Subway job site to search and apply for vacancies.

Waterstones Jobs Application Form

Waterstones Application Form

Waterstones are one of the UK’s largest offline and online books retailers. Waterstones pride themselves on having the widest selection of books available and on providing great value along with fantastic customer support and expert advise.

Waterstones staff are expected to be knowledgeable when it comes to books and literature. If you are a book lover with a passion for reading you should consider Waterstones as your career choice.

How to Apply

If you wish to work in store, face to face with customers, you can use the Waterstones careers site to search and apply for jobs online. They also provide lots of information to help you maximise your chances of landing a job at Waterstones. If you wish to work with Waterstones in the head office you can download and print an application form that must be mailed along with your CV. You can of course always drop into a store with your CV and a covering letter. Be sure to write your covering letter in a formal manner and include why you would be a great match for Waterstones.


If you are invited to an interview with Waterstones be sure to dress well (a suit is always a good idea for the gents, black pants and a white blouse for the ladies.) and appear well groomed. They will ask you questions to verify that you are at least interested in books. You will be asked about the last book you read. Be sure to have some good answers for these questions because your interest in books is really important in this role. You may also be asked about some customer service experiences you have had, good and bad so have a think about that before your interview, too.

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Waterstones pay their customer assistants national minimum wages. Store managers and other senior staff can attract higher salaries and these are usually negotiable.     

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Click here to visit Waterstones careers site.

Topshop Job Application Form

Topshop Application Form

Have you ever thought about working for Topshop or Topman, are you in love with Retail? Can you work flexible, part-time? temporary? or even christmas jobs at Topshop? Xmas is always means fun and being very busy days for thos who works for Topshop retail company.You might have experienced shopping at Topshop. It’s a great place to get high end but affordable clothing, and most of the time, you’ll find great deals. This company is enjoying years of success in the world of fashion.

If you have been buying stuffs from this store, has the thought of working for them entered your mind? If it did, you better check on Topshop Job Vancancies. They have various vacant positions and one of them may just be the right job for you. You can visit their website or go to one of their stores personality to inquire about what they are looking for. That way, you will get to know if you would fit in with your qualifications.

Love fashion? Why not apply to work within one of the fastest growing fashion outlets at Topshop or Topman? With over 185 stores across the UK alone, there’s something for everyone out there. Topshop have an eye for fashion for every age range, man or woman.

How to Apply

To apply, you can download and print off an application form which can be found on their website. On their website you can also do a bit of research about each roles in which you can apply for, that way you know exactly what you want to do and you can ensure you know exactly what role you are putting on your application form. To give your potential employer more information about yourself, it’s also advised to send a copy of your CV and a covering letter. Your covering letter should be about half a side of A4, be set out like a formal letter with your name, address and contact information on the top right hand corner. Explain a bit about yourself and why you are applying for the role at Topshop.


The assessment centre stage, is split into two or three stages. A group exercise where you will be assessed on your team building skills, this is usually a stage for management roles. A 1:1 competency based interview, where you will be asked a number of questions regarding the role you are applying for. A presentation, you will be given a theme on which you will be talking about, usually this is to see if you can find out as much information about the product yourself.

Topshop also run a management graduate scheme, if you are interested in this role, you need to e-mail head office for further information.


The salary at Top shop is competitive, for a sales assistant it usually exceeds national minimum wage and can be discussed at the interview stage. Management roles depend on your level of experience, also will be discussed at the interview stage.

Click here to visit Topshop careers.

WHSmith Job Application Form

WHSmith Application Form

If you always had infinity towards reading books and now you wish to serve the society with the information you have gathered, WHSmith is the right place for you. There are job vacancies at the largest books store in Britain, WHSmith where the aspirants can apply for their most coveted job. We aspire to become the Britain’s most famous bookseller, newsagent and stationer. Since we are aiming to reach high goals, we require candidates who are career oriented and focused. If you believe you have such qualities there is lot more waiting for you on the way.

There is a tremendous job opportunity for the deserving aspirants at WHSmith as you know that we are expanding our business into new territories and growing exponentially.  It is a place where you are sure to grow along with it. There are various options to shift across the community and this is the place where many people are seeking their job. The job opportunity is dispersed across different locations and it is much more exciting for the candidates when they know that their placement can also be in one of the post office branches.

When you start your job you look for certain factors like whether it has the kind of environment where you wish to work or how much time and effort is required to climb up the ladder of managers responsibilities? You may go for many different management programs to learn how to become a good manager but when it comes to real world you know exactly what is required. You can achieve success only through hard work, perseverance and strong will of succeeding. To achieve something great you need to put in your real effort and the same thing applies to WHSmith as well. Here, your good work will be appreciated and rewarded so that you have a bright and successful career ahead.

If you feel the job at WHSmith is the kind of job you were looking for then you may start figuring out the nearest stores that fits well into your requirement. It is your choice, whether you want to work in the travel store, where it is noisy and busy, or in the calm and peaceful environment of the High street road, or at the post office store. There is broad range of options available to you, now it’s your call to take your time to think where you actually want to work. There might be an opportunity for which you have been wanting since long. Now it the correct time to go and grab it.

If you think the jobs at WHSmith is the right place for you then start pondering on your strengths and weakness to get ready for an interview. There are numerous options available for you where you can carry on your job. You have to decide which one will suit you the best so that you can work with your full potential and know what the store has to offer you in return.

Argos Job Application Form

Argos Application Form

Argos is one of the biggest retailer and employer in the UK. The company has hundreds of stores across the UK.

Argos is constantly advertising their job vacancies on job sites online and through local jobcentres. 

You can apply for permanent, part-time, weekend and Christmas jobs at Argos.


If you are not looking for a management position, there are plenty of other types of work available in this retail environment. Cashiers, customer service, stocking shelves; just to name a few. The working environment is friendly. You will require customer service skills no matter which position you are interested in applying for.

How to Apply

If you think that you would be interested in applying for a position with this company, there are two options. Either go to their website and search the positions that are available or go to the store and put in an application. Be prepared for an interview if you are applying at the store. They may have an opening that is suitable for you right away. The retail market is expanding constantly and there are jobs becoming available all the time.

If you are applying in person then make sure that your CV is up to date and well written.

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Argos application form will ask you to write a covering letter as well so check out the examples on this site.

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With openings in customer service, head office, their distribution centers, or a home delivery channel, Argos Direct, you will be sure to find something that interest you when searching for a position with Argos.

24 days full paid holidays!Life insurance,Private medical insurance,Discounts on Argos productsRelated: Argos Salary

Management Roles

The management positions at Argos require experience in managing store personnel in a similar store. You must be able to control expenses and increase sales. Customer service is an extremely important part of the Argos shopping experience, so you must be very customer oriented.

You must be a good leader and know how to inspire your employees to give it their all. Communication with employees is also important. This prevents problems within the store if the lines of communication are always open.

Click here to download an application form for Argos.

Next Jobs Application Forms

Next Application Form

Have you ever thought about your career being of something you love? Working at Next can allow this to happen, for you fashion gurus out there.

Next currently has 500 stores across the UK, and each store is run by passionate people who love fashion. Working with them allows you to gain experience, be eligible for a number of rewards and benefits and a chance to build yourself a long-tern career in fashion.

How to Apply

To apply to work with Next, it’s simple; everything is done via their website where you can search for current vacancies in your area. You are unable to download their application form, so you need to fill everything out online, the upside to that is, you’re able to save and come back to where you left off at a later time. You are also more than welcome to upload a copy of your CV and a covering letter to send with your application form, if you wish.


The interview process with Next is quite straight forward. They will want you to have some knowledge about fashion, and will more than likely ask a few questions regarding this to see if you’re well suited for the role. They will ask you why you are interested in working at Next, and what made you apply to that store. They will want you to give some examples of when you have practiced good team work, they will ask about your previous experience and why you think you’re suitable for the role at Next.

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Next also run a graduate scheme once a year, where they take on 30 applicants. To apply, you will need to have at least one degree in one of the following; accountancy & finance, business & management, economics or maths & science. All applications are done online via their website.

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Click here to visit Next career site to search and apply for vacancies.

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