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Brantano Jobs Application Form

Brantano Application Form

Brantano are footwear retailers. They came to the UK in 1998 and opened 47 stores. They have now expanded into 145 stores across the UK. They are a part of the Macintosh Retail Group. Working for a long established company like Brantano is attractive because it can mean better job security.

Most Brantano stores are located on retail parks making them easy to get to. They keep their footwear on the shelves in pairs so that trying them on is easier for the customers and less hassle for staff. This should translate to a more comfortable and less stressful working environment for the staff working with customers at Brantano.

How to Apply

Brantano have an online careers portal where you can search and apply for jobs online. If you would rather do things the old fashioned way you can take your CV with a covering letter into your local store. Be sure to write you CV in a formal manner and include the reasons you would be a good match for Brantano.


If you are invited to an interview with Brantano you should appear well groomed and clean, wearing smart clothes like a suite or white blouse. The interviewer will try to get to know you as a person so be outgoing and confident but be yourself! You will be asked questions that asses your suitability for the role. you may also be asked if you have any questions for the interviewer. You should prepare some questions before your interview.


In-store assistants at Brantano can expect to earn national minimum wages. Managers and other senior staff will attract higher salaries and these are usually negotiable depending on experience and store location. Be prepared to negotiate your salary if you are offered a senior position at Brantano.

Click here to visit their career site to learn more.

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