Careers in Demand 2022

What careers will be in demand in 2022?

There are some occupations that will always be in demand such as most of the titles in the list below. Becoming one of them is really hard, often requiring years of studying and maybe spending thousands of pounds. However once you have got the job then you will always be in demand as long as you maintain the high standards at whatever you are doing.

Careers in Demand 2022


More careers can be added to the list however the list of 10 jobs below will be in particular demand during 2022.

Careers in Demand 2022

1- Doctor

Doctors are always in demand throughout the world as there are always people that want to be treated.  Qualification and training is a long journey and takes about 5 years but is certainly worth it.  Once your training is complete you can continue learning throughout your career to become a consultant, or perhaps travel the world offering your skills in other countries.  The options are endless.

2- Lawyer

Lawyers are always required in the developed world, particularly as a society now resorts to lawyers to fight their cause instead of dealing with matters themselves.  Law is a broad career and lawyers usually specialise in a particular industry or area, such as Business, Divorce etc.  Even in times of economic difficulty, or indeed especially in times of recession where individuals are looking out for their best interests and chasing debts, lawyers are required to defend people’s rights.

3- Midwife

People will always have babies and therefore trained midwives will always be required. Many of the professionals in this sector, as with nurses in the UK, have been trained abroad and do not always have the necessary experience to provide the quality, caring experience expected.  Training as a midwife takes about 3 years and includes on-hand experience.  This career is very rewarding although comes with considerable responsibility.

4- Accountant

The main attraction of becoming an accountant is the financial benefits associated with the job.  There are also the challenges of doing a good job and the variety of companies that all require accountancy services in some way.  Accountants will always be in demand whether a company is successful or not as the end of year returns need to be submitted.  Accountancy training can be completed at university or many accountants undertake their qualifications part-time whilst continuing to work.

5- Teacher

While we continue to have millions of babies each year, these babies need to be educated, and that is when teachers become vital.  Good teachers who really care about the job that they do are in high demand and will continue to be so for a long time to come.  Certain in-demand secondary educators get additional grants from the government as they are in short supply.  These include maths, physics and biology teachers.

6- Nurse

Nurse careers are always in demand whether the economy is good or bad. Nurse as a single title is not enough as there are many types of Nurses and Carers who work in many industries. Generally becoming a Nurse is easier than becoming a Doctor as a 3-year degree course is required but gives you much more job opportunities.

7 Social Worker

Who can say Social Worker careers won't be in this list? There will always be vulnerable people in the community and we will always need some people to ensure they are well taken care of.

8 Social Media Expert

If you have a business whether online or offline you will need to take a look at Social Media one day to improve your services or maintain the current situation.

Social Media is a great place to express yourself and your company, give customer support, sell new products, and meet new customers when you can't do these things then Social Media Experts will be there for you.

These days many companies, organisations are working with these guys in order not to be behind of new trends.

9 Dental Assistant

Dental Assistants can do some of the jobs that dentist do giving Dentists more opportunity to treat more patients so more money can be received. No doubt that demand for Dental Assistants will increase in the coming years as the NHS considers dental health a high priority and ensure more practitioners are available.

10 Customer Support Specialist

The IT Support industry will be bigger in the coming years in line with the increase in shopping online. People will always need support for the products that they bought online or from the store and many people prefer to speak to the companies via the telephone or online rather than visiting a store.

These days many products also need to be registered such as telephones or machines so the guarantees can be activated. Most of the time this must be done on the phone or online when Customer Support will be there to do it. Companies want these guys to sell different products while they are giving support such as warranty, extra support, if you bought a laptop then why not buy a USB mouse etc.

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