Harrods Job Application Form

Harrods Application Form

Do you have an eye for fashion? Enjoy getting the latest trends, before others? Why not see if a career in Harrods is for you? You might think your dream job is hard to come by. Harrods can offer all you fashion gurus out there your dream career, not just your dream job.

With such an expanding company like Harrods, as a job seeker you have an easy time finding a suitable vacancy. Permanent sales assistant, seasonal sales assistant, assistant store manager or store manager, I’m sure there’s something that will suit you personally.

How to Apply

To apply; it’s easy, a quick search on the internet and bobs your uncle! The online application shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes; make sure you get your personality across as much as possible, because if they like what they read, they will invite you for an interview.


If you’re lucky enough to be called back in for an interview, make sure you take an updated version of your CV with you, to give them something to refer to once you have gone. The interview is split into two stages, one just a normal one to one interview where they will ask a number of personality questions to see if you’re well suited for the job. The second part will hold a number of tasks ranging from a group assessment, a presentation, interactive role play situations or even a formal shop floor interview. Harrods like to keep you on your toes, so it could be any of the examples given.

Salary and Benefits

Working at Harrods, you will qualify for a number of benefits; earning a 1% commission for every item sold, 50% company clothing allowance, up to 33% discount of most products in store, a Harrods rewards card which converts points occurred into money. You will also be offered a competitive rate of pay which for a sales assistant, averages at £8.45ph. Salary for a retail store manager is between £31,000 and £34,000pa.

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