Healthcare Assistant CV example

If you want to work as a Health Care Assistant then you need to be mentally and physically strong for dealing with patients who are sometimes very ill and unable to care for themselves very much at all.

You will need to have a kind and caring manner towards your patient and help to improve their day a little by your visit or help.

You could work in many different environments in this role such as a patient’s own home, a hospital setting, or a care center.

If you are looking for help on improving your CV, please find below example:

CV Example: Healthcare Assistant

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I am an ambitious Care assistant who is seeking to continue in my career path and continue learning any health related areas to benefit myself and the company.

I am a very warm and friendly person and have always enjoyed helping people from being a young child. I like to make a big difference to people’s lives and I think this is especially important when people are not at their best.

I work very hard and always like to ensure that my work has been done to a good standard with no room for improvement. I am looking to continue in HealthCare sector and have a long and challenging career.


Date to Date or To Date – Health Care Assistant – Where?

In my role as a Care Assistant, I work in a busy care home attending to different patients with different abilities daily.    My day to day responsibilities for this include:
Helping patients get up in the morning and go to bed at nighttime. Providing help to patients in terms of helping them to wash, shower or dress Making, serving and helping patients eat their food Making and changing beds on a regular basis as per hygiene rules Ensuring that patients are kept moving and turn them when they are confined to bed to avoid pressure sores Talking to patients to help them feel less anxious and improve their day Helping patients to move around if they find it difficult and to take them to anywhere they need to go Giving out and collecting bedpans, and helping patients to the toilet, bathroom, washing facilities etc Making sure the ward or patients’ homes are clean and tidy in line with any cleaning or health and safety regulations Keeping and monitoring supplies and equipment and reordering through the correct procedures Keeping up to date logs of every patient’s observations such as temperature, pulse and breathing.


University, College, School – For all include titles/subjects and qualifications.


Have you done anything relevant that would suit the skills in the job you are applying for? Any previous work experience/training? 


What do you like to do outside of work?


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Healthcare Assistant CV example


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