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Jobs that will be extinct by 2030

Do you think your job is safe? Will it be extinct or be replaced by machines? Check out this list to see how safe your job is from being made extinct.

According to the futurist Thomas Frey lots of jobs will extinct by 2030. Here are some of them listed below:

1. Utility Company Engineers

Thomas Frey predicts that national grids will switch to micro grids so power lines and coal plants will be replaced by cleaner and safer technology.

However technology change won't only mean extinct of jobs but there will new jobs to be created.

2. Delivery and Taxi Drivers

Google and some other tech giants are already testing their driverless cars and Amazon's drones are already in the air.

3. Some Teachers

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers over 2000 courses online. Teaching jobs unlikely to extinct however online learning will replace many some roles in teaching.

4. Travel Agents

Many travel sites allow you to book your holiday, flight without having to talk to someone on the phone or face to face. Those websites can guess your need by asking questions so you can have the cheapest options.

5. Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots

According to John Petersen thinks that by 2030 most of the flights will be done by drones and unmanned planes.

6. Bookkeepers and Accountants

Those accounting jobs will be extinct by 2030 according to futurists. Softwares like QuickBooks can already capture, analyze data and report in real time.

7. Interpreters and Translators

Kevin Rawlinson, the futurist, predicts that Google and other giatns will contiune improving their language tools and one day there will be no need for translators.

8. Newspaper Reporters

According to futurists there will be no need for Newspaper reporters in the future.

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