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Phones4u Jobs Application Form

Phones4u Application Form

Having a job at Phones 4u is a great opportunity for those who thrive for technology. A phone isn’t just a device people use to make phone calls anymore, with all the leading brands of smartphones out there now. So why not take your first step towards making a full career at Phones4u?

With a number of different job roles, including; working in store, working in a call centre or working at head office, there’s something there for you. At the moment they have over 500 stores across the UK and Northern Ireland, Phones 4u is constantly expanding.

How to Apply

Applying for Phones 4u is all done online via their website. You are able to check out your local vacancies very easily with just a few clicks. You do need to pass a credit check, they check mainly for CCJs, if you have paid them off that’s fine, if not they won’t be able to take your application further.


The interview process is just a simple one to one face interview, you will be asked to give examples a time you have practiced good team work, great customer service etc. You will need to have some knowledge of phones, what’s new etc. as they will most probably ask a few questions regarding this.


Phones 4u also run a graduate scheme, to apply for this you need to send your CV along with a covering letter to them. They usually have 20-35 annual vacancies for this.


The salary for working at Phones 4u all depends on the job role, for a general sales assistant, you’re looking at £14,000pa, for a store manager, your salary will be between £16,000 and £24,000pa.

Click here to visit Phones4u careers.

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