Pizza Hut Jobs Application Form

Pizza Hut Application Form

Pizza Hut as a business is constantly expanding, join them and you will join a team of 18,000 employees and over 700 stores across the UK. Pizza Hut believes in giving everyone a chance, so other than the high up roles like supervisors and management, you won’t need any experience to apply.

How to Apply

To apply to join their team, you have two options. You can freely search and apply for any vacancies they have on their website, where you will need to register and update a few personal details. You will also have the option to upload a copy of your CV online. Alternatively you can call into a store near you and ask for an application form, this should take roughly 15 minutes to fill out and its advised to attach a copy of your CV and a covering letter to your application form. A covering letter is that little bit extra to provide which you can sell yourself on.


The interview is with the store manager and yourself. You will be asked more questions regarding the role you are applying for and if you have any previous retail experience. You will be given a run down about the role you are applying for so that if you are successful, you have an idea of what to expect. If the store manager is pleased with your interview, they may ask you to attend a 3 hour work trail, where you will be classed as a normal employee for the duration and it gives you a chance to prove you are suitable for the role.


You will receive excellent training once you are a Pizza Hut employee, you will also be able to take advantage of the staff discount and shares which they offer.


The salary at Pizza Hut is negotiable for management and supervisor roles, and for a team member you will earn national minimum wage.

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