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Resignation Checklist

Writing a Resignation Letter

Your resignation letter should be brief, simple and focussed on the subject. You should also be respectful and positive.

Submit your Resignation

As you can imagine this job is not as easy as we think. You are leaving your co-workers, friends and work place. Here is some tips for handing your resignation letter.

Your last day at work

You will talk to your manager about your last day at work. Check your contract documents for details of the minimum notice period you are required to give.  If you don't have a contract then 2 weeks notice is typical however your employer might want you to leave immediately or negotiate with you to stay longer than 2 weeks.

Final pay

Its important to know when your last paycheck will be so that you can make proper plans.

Employee benefits

Take a look at employee benefits that you might be eligible for when resigning from you job, for example you may be owed some holiday time which could be received in your final paycheck.


Unless you are retired you will probably need references and recommendation letters from your employer, so it is worth checking that they are happy to provide this for you before writing their name on your CV.

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