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Resignation do's and don'ts

How to resign from your job, how to say goodbye? How should you quit your job? and what shouldn't you do when resigning?

If you resign in a respectful way, you will usually receive the most benefits.  You should;

- resign nicely
- give the minimum notice period, often two weeks
- write a polite resignation letter
- send a thank you letter or email

Yelling, being angry with your boss, not giving notice etc won't help either side...

What to do when quitting your job and what not to do?

DO clean your PC -  delete all of your personal files and emails..

DON'T say it  -  even if you hate your employer, you hate your job, the company, friends, work etc DO NOT say it and most importantly don't write it...

DO give Notice   -  Unless it's unavoidable, giving at least 2 week notice is recommended.

DO put it in writing - Most times writing a resignation letter following your face-to-face resignation is the right way to quit a job. Resignation letter only has to include basic information usualyl including a brief reason for resigning, and your expected final working date. The letter will let your employer know about everything regarding your resigning.

DO be positive - Don't be negative about your resignation with your colleagues, try to talk nicely about the company and list some benefits that you gained from them. Believe me there is no point leaving your work badly...

DON'T think about your new job yet - Even if you got a better job maybe even the best job in the world, don't brag about it.

DO ask your ex-colleagues if they need any help getting things done before you go.

DO ask for a reference from your boss and ex-colleagues.

and finally...
DO say goodbye and don't shut the door very hard as you might have to come back!

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