River Island Job Application Form

River Island Application Form

River Island jobs can offer you an excellent career in the United Kingdom. River Island has been in the fashion business in the United Kingdom for over 60 years. There are currently more than 300 store locations in the UK as well as in Ireland, Asia, Middle East and Europe. The most popular and successful store is located right here in the UK on High Street.

What River Island is best known for is very stylish but affordable fashions. River Island works to bring you original looking fashions and the most current styles. A majority of designs are done in house and High Street houses one of the largest design teams of all of the River Island location.


River Island has many great company jobs to offer just the right people. Fashion is one of those industries where it is very fast paced and it is ever changing, as the styles change so does our designs. Our potential employees must be able to keep up in our ever changing fashion world. The head office is located on West London and it is fun and challenging place to work. There are three ma available, the Head Office, Store Manager and Sales Advisor. River Island describes each job as

•    Office Manager, a wide range of different employees work from the head office, everyone from Designers and Buyers, Merchandisers as well as Human Resources and Customer Service.

•    Store Manager: Store Management teams have to be dedicated and customer focused. You must have very strong people management skills plus good planning and organizational skills.

•    Sales Advisor: You must be committed to bring our customers great customer service while making sure that the stores are clean, neat and inviting. Everything must be in the proper place and all items should be kept organized.

How to Apply

To work for River Island you will need a CV for the company as well as a company application. The application must be filled out properly and with the correct information. The CV should be accurate and professional looking. A cover letter is also a great way to tell your interviewer everything you need to say in case at the interview you forget or did not have enough time. Your cover letter should include why you are better suited for the job than anyone else who may be applying.


Interview tips for your big day:

•    Always be on time. Nothing turns an employer off more than a potential employee who is late.

•    Always bring a copy of your CV and Cover Letter. You may have already submitted it when you filled out the application but it is professional to have another copy with you at the time of the interview.

•    Be Polite, never be rude or answer a question with a short curt answer. Always keep good eye contact and always speak clearly

•    Dress appropriately; since the interview is for a fashion retailer, you want to look nice and neat. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on an interview outfit but choose something comfortable. Women should wear a skirt or dress and men should wear a shirt, tie and jacket.

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By doing all of these things and being honest about your work experience, you can really show a potential employer why you should be hired.

Click here to visit River Island job site to search and apply for vacancies.

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