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Sainsburys Job Application form

Sainsburys jobs and careers advice thread. Working for Sainsbury proves to be something worthwhile. There will be a wide range of positions to choose from. The company hires people to fill in positions in administration, retail, logistics, corporate services and customer service, to mention a few.

Sainsbury offers flexible working to individuals. In spite of the recession, the business continues to soar and expand. They have various job opportunities that graduate and non-graduate applicants can apply for. Deciding to work for them can be a great career move.

Types of Job

You can find an array of vacant job positions at Sainsbury. Positions in the administration will require that you help the entire organization to run consistently and smoothly. Some roles that fall in this category are clerical duties and payroll. Retail managers are also highly in demand.

Since Sainsbury is into home delivery service, delivery drivers are also a vital part of the business. They are needed to ensure that this facility will continue. Because they are also a part of representing the brand to the public, it is vital for Sainsbury drivers to possess customer service skills.

People who can work in the corporate level can apply for positions in finance, sales and marketing. If you are a graduate and you want to apply for Sainsbury Graduate Training Programme, you can submit your application online. This ensures that graduates will develop excellent skills and prepare themselves for various careers.

Sainsburys new job site!

How to Apply

If any of these positions attract you, you can apply with Sainsbury in person by visiting their main office. You can also visit any of their stores, particularly if you are eyeing an in-store position. Applying online is also made possible through their website. All you need to do is register and fill out an application form. You don’t have to submit your CV online because you will be given an online test. If you are qualified, you will receive a call from one of their staff.
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