Social Media Editor CV Example

If you come from an Editorial background with a real passion and experience in social media, then being a social media editor could be the perfect role for you. You will need to direct when the social media content is released, plan the editorial calendar and implement and create new ideas for the audience to engage with you directly.
If you are looking to update your CV, please see the below example:

CV Example: Social Media Editor

Name Surname
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I am a very creative and passionate Social Media Editor with a background in journalism. I have excellent writing skills and a passion for delivering unique and exciting content.  I enjoy creating and measuring aspects of social media to see what the audience likes, when, and how best I can improve audience engagement.

Following a (how long) years in journalism (any specialism?) I thoroughly enjoy researching and writing news stories to capture my audience and having moved into an editorial role I now enjoy the challenge of planning when and what news should be released and when and analysing the results.

I am an excellent communicator and feel that with the knowledge I have gained I can demonstrate technical expertise and am confident with clients. I can deliver presentations to clients and provide a different and unique way of working for my clients which will suit every need.

I enjoy the fast paced environment of social media; I find it very challenging which is something I thrive upon.


Date to Date or To Date – Social Media Editor – Where?

In my role as a Social Media Editor, I create new ideas of content and decide when these should be released and how the audience will perceive them.   

My responsibilities include:

  • Implementing an editorial calendar that suits each department and the audience alike
  • Devise and implement editorial strategies that drive our audience engagement allowing them to engage with us directly
  • Coordinate with different teams and departments to ensure that the content to be aired to the public developed is unique and exciting and that each department is aligned and working to plan
  • Daily use of Facebook, Twitter, our blogs and website, etc to ensure constantly updated
  • Provide measures for social media engagement and coming up with new ideas to entice the audience
  • Working on new projects, meeting new clients, delivering presentations.


University, College, School – For all include titles/subjects and qualifications.


Computer skills – MS Office, Excel???  Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
Any other training courses or relevant qualifications for a job that you are looking for? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, My Space.?
Anything journalism or editorial related here?


What do you like to do outside of work?


Available on request.

Social Media Editor CV Example


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