What are the Lowest Paid Jobs in the UK 2022

Lowest Paid Jobs in the UK 2022

1. Waiter 

Waiter staff are vital to keeping the restaurant business going, but as there are no qualifications required the pay is not very high.  Being a waiter can have some real benefits as the hours are often flexible.

2. Hairdresser 

Although there are hairdressers which are unqualified, the majority of paid hairdressers in salons have had several years of training on the job and NVQ qualifications.

3. Bar staff

Similar to waiting for staff, bar staff usually receive flexible working hours and do not require qualifications to do the job, but as they often work later the pay tends to be slightly more.

4. Kitchen/catering assistant 

Trainee chefs often start out as kitchen or catering assistants and it can be an excellent way to find out about working in a kitchen before you are fully trained as a chef.

5. Leisure attendant 

These employees provide assistance in leisure facilities perhaps assisting personal trainers or lifeguards in the gym.

6. Florist 

Preparing the flowers to be sold and assisting customers to find the right flowers for the right occasion.  No qualifications are required although NVQs are available.

7. Sales assistant 

Providing face-to-face service in retail environments such as clothes shops, hardware stores and supermarkets.  Many retail managers start out as sales assistants and work their way up through the business.

8. Launderer/dry cleaner 

There are certain skills and knowledge required to provide an excellent service, but these tend to be learned on the job.

9. Cashier 

Cashiers have similar expectations as sales assistants but have slightly more responsibility in handling cash and therefore get paid slightly more.

10. Domestic cleaner 

Customers have to trust a person who goes into their house and cleans for them, so the pay for this is slightly higher than commercial cleaners.

11. Hotel porter 

Hotel porters are responsible for showing customers to their rooms and taking their luggage.  This job falls within the Hospitality category, no qualifications are required.

12. Shelf filler 

This is a similar role to a sales assistant but larger companies require shelf fillers who often work night shifts to restock the shelves so get paid more.  No qualifications are required.

13. Retail assistant 

These provide the service to customers within the retail industry.

14. Nursery nurse 

Employees in a nursery are responsible for looking after young preschool children from 0-5 years.  Qualifications and a criminal record check are required for this role.

15. Housekeeper 

Housekeepers tend to be employed by a single employer, unlike domestic cleaners who can be hired by a number of households at the same time.  In addition to cleaning, housekeepers may also be in charge of some finances, shopping and other domestic chores.

16. Animal care assistant 

The majority of animal care assistants are employed in kennels or other animal homes.  No qualifications are required for this role although they may be available.

17. Office assistant

There are a variety of tasks which are completed by office assistants including a small amount of typing, filing, answering telephones etc.

18. Beautician 

Many qualifications are required in order to trade as a beautician as there are techniques required which could cause harm to people.

19. Sewing machinist 

Although no qualifications are required to become a machinist, this is a highly skilled profession and needs much experience.

20. Fishmonger 

Many years of practise are required to become a skilled fishmonger, although no formal qualifications are required.


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