Zara Job Application Form

Zara Application Form

Zara is the perfect job for you if you have a passion for fashion, you also need to have a love for working within a retail store and enjoy providing good customer service. If this sounds like you, why not apply? Zara is an internationally recognised fashion outlet so as you can imagine, finding a vacancy at a store near you shouldn’t be too hard.


Zara usually advertise on certain job seekers websites, where you are free to apply for the role you would like. You’re also more than welcome to call into a store near you to drop off a copy of your CV along with a covering letter addressed to the store manager. They do also sometimes have recruitment days in which anyone can turn up for, these will be advertised in the newspaper and on some job seeker websites.


You can expect a 1:1 interview with Zara, and it’s usually held with the store manager. First impressions have a huge impact on the interviewers decision and with this being for a fashion outlet, its important what you choose to wear. Try not to over-do it with your make-up, avoid chewing gum and your mobile phone as you want to appear profession at all times. You will be asked general retail questions like;

“Why do you want to work at Zara?”,
“Do you have any experience which can be used for this role?”,
“Can you tell me a bit about yourself?”.


As a Zara employee, you will be eligible for the staff discount they run, you will know more about this at the interview stage as it all depends on the store you work at and the role you have within the company.


For a sales assistant, your salary will be national minimum wage. For assistant managers and store managers your salary is negotiable.

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