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Tesco Graduate Scheme

Tesco has developed their Graduate Scheme over many years now and it has become a well-recognised accomplishment throughout the retail sector. As the company has grown, the variety of roles and challenges offered by Tesco has also increased creating the ideal environment for career growth.

Tesco offer a staggering 20 different Graduate Programmes, from Tesco Store Management Scheme, Pharmacy Programmes, Optometry Programmes, Office Programmes, or Distribution Management Programmes so there’s bound to be something which inspires and challenges you.

The majority of courses commence in September, although many applications close in the preceding January so make sure you get in early! Some of the Tesco Graduate Schemes are run on a quarterly basis, such as Product Technology.

There are also some International Graduate Schemes offered in Europe and Asia. Tesco are currently very keen to expand their success in China and offer a fast-track China Graduate Programme (including 6-9 month placement in the UK) for interested individuals.

Tesco Graduate Recruitment Process

In order to apply for the Graduate Schemes you will need to complete the online application via the Tesco Graduate website You will also have an opportunity to upload your current CV and a covering letter so make sure you have these updated and ready.

If you are considered a possible candidate for the role, you will be contacted to arrange a telephone interview. The telephone interview is an efficient way for both you and Tesco to confirm whether you are a suitable candidate for further progression through the selection process. After all you wouldn’t want to waste your time attending further interviews if you didn’t have the required skills or qualifications before you started! Make sure that you arrange the telephone interview for a time when you can really focus on the questions without distractions, and have your current CV handy, with perhaps some notes to jog your memory of your achievements or times when you have excelled.

If you are successful at the telephone interview stage, you will be contacted, usually by email, to undertake some online psychometric tests to confirm you are the sort of person the store are looking to recruit.

Successful candidates may then be asked to attend a store for Work Sampling. You will usually shadow a manager either in a store or depot throughout the day to better understand what sort of tasks you will be doing once you are fully trained, and for the employer to ensure you are a suitable candidate.

The final hurdle is the Assessment Centre. During the Assessment Centre you will be asked to carry out tasks, both individually and as a group, while under observation. The process will usually also include individual interviews.

What should I expect?

If you have been enrolled on a Tesco Graduate Scheme you can usually expect to complete the programme within 12-24 months depending on the role and size of the store, with the ultimate goal of fulfilling the position within 3-5 years as your experience in the firm grows and vacancies become available.

What do I need to apply?

In order to apply to a Tesco Graduate Programme you will need at least a 2.1 score in a suitable degree, at least 240 UCAS points (although some courses demand higher) and you must have the right to work in the UK. Further information of suitability for each programme is provided on the Tesco Graduate website.

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