What is the Future of Job Interviewing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever wondered how would a job interview be in the future? Job interviews are already makes us nervous days before it happens but now it's going online more and more.

HSBC Interview Questions and Helpful Advice

HSBC is one of the biggest banks in the world. The company has hundreds of thousands of employees across the world. Here are some of the most asked interview

Apple Interview Questions

Apple is the most valuable company in the world. The company receives hundred thousands of Resumes, CVs and applications every year.

Apple's most popular products are: iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac.

Check out the following questions to be prepared for your big day with Apple.

Apple Interview Questions

  • Why Apple?

  • Why do you want to work for Apple?

  • How did you exceed a customers expectations?

  • What are email protocols?

  • How would you handle a disgruntled customer?

  • Where is Apple Headquarters?

  • Who founded Apple?

  • What kind of environment do you need to work in to be at your best?

  • Have you ever had any problems with your manager?

  • Have you ever been fired from a job?

  • How do you stay current with current technologies?

  • What is the difference between carrier and subcarriers?

  • What is the bandwidth of a WIFI signal?

  • Why is the At Home Advisor position a good fit for you?

  • How to put a computer together?

Apple job interview

  • Why are you wanting to leave your previous job to pursue a career at Apple?

  • What are you passionate about?

  • Name a time you went above and beyond for a customer?

  • What makes you a leader?

  • How do you qualify for great customer service?

  • What is a time you had an upset customer? How did you handle it?

  • Describe a time you had to integrate someone new into the workplace.

  • Why you consider yourself good to work at customer support?

  • What makes you the best candidate to work for Apple?

  • What is one thing that would disappoint you while working in retail?

  • What are you passionate about?

  • Who is the current CEO?

  • Name 3 operating systems you know.

  • A time that you have had to deal with a difficult customer and how did you resolve the situation?

  • What is your favourite Apple product?

  • Describe how you responded to a difficult situation previously.

Apple Interviews

  • What was a challenging situation you were in and how did you manage it?

  • How did you work together as a team?

  • Can you describe how corporate income tax is calculated?

  • What year did Apple first open a retail store?

  • Why do you think you'd be a good fit at apple?

  • What would you say to your future self and past self now?

  • Why are we successful?

  • How would you sell a Mac to a Windows user?

  • What Apple products you have or have had? What did you like about them?

  • What separates Apple from its competitors? What are its distinct advantages?

  • What are Apple's strengths?

  • What are Apple's weaknesses?

  • Who are Apple's main competitors in each segment?

  • If you were given an unlimited marketing budget today, what would you do with it?

  • Why should we choose you?

  • Why do you want to work here?

Apple interview questions

  • How do you work in teams? Could you give an example from your past experience?

  • What's the most impressive thing about apples dominance?

  • How do you think you will benefit apple?

  • What is currently the most talked about thing in the technical environment?

  • What would you bring to Apple?

  • Tell me something that isn't on your CV.

  • What events would you create to promote the brand and the store?

  • How would you add to a sale?

  • What do you really want from your time at Apple?

  • What made you apply to Apple in the first instance?

  • Tell me about a time that you dealt with a difficult situation.

  • Why Apple products were better than other brands?

  • What do you think brings customers to apple?

  • What is the role of an Apple Specialist?

  • What would you tell a PC user to turn him into a mac user?

  • What is the difference between sympathy and empathy?

  • How would you explain WIFI to a ten year old?

  • How would you deal with a customer that was upset and what was the outcome?

  • What is an operating system?

  • Explain a time where you went one step further than a co-worker was willing to go?

  • Explain a time in which you had to deal with an irate customer. What was the end result?

  • What is customer service?

  • Describe a time you went above and beyond for a consumer.

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