Are you a Starter or a Finisher [Strength Based Interviews]

One of the most common strength based interview question: Are you a starter or a finisher?

are you a starter or finisher?

Check out following video from University of Warwick to find out how to answer Are you a starter or a finisher interview question from experts.

Are you a starter or are you a finisher now ideally we're both but this is about our energy levels there's going to be one part of it that we feel most comfortable about so it could be I like starting things because I like planning I like detail I like setting out a framework I get really excited about that and from what I'm saying you can hear the passion and the energy in my voice and that's all part of strength what I don't like is the end because it's all over and done with not going to move on to something else so again you can hear my energy level going down but it's important that if we're talking about something that we're talking about how we overcome the parts that we didn't enjoy as well so think about what it is about this process that you enjoy what satisfaction is there in starting something and you can tell from the speed of how you talk the tone you talking how energized and how interested and engaged you are in that process so bear this in mind and think start or finish what is it I enjoy most I like seeing the results I like starting the whole process of but I can balance the end if I enjoy the start by seeing this as a success and seeing what I've started going to completion.

Make your interview candidates choose. If they ask, that’s a bad sign. If they answer immediately, you know they’re a starter. If they ponder, then they’re probably a finisher. I once had a candidate keep me in suspense for seven minutes of complete and agonizing silence, only to finally reveal they're a starter! Wrong. There is no correct answer to the question. It’s just helpful to balance out the team so you have the right number of people to kick off the job, and those who will see it over the finish line.

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