Care Worker Interview Tips and Questions

If you are looking to make a difference to people’s lives and enjoy helping and nursing people then being a care worker could be the ideal job.

care worker interview

A care worker could work in a number of different settings such as a retirement home or a learning difficulties home for adults or children or a specialised centre for people with physical or learning disabilities or even in clients own homes.

Generally being a Care Worker is a very hard and demanding job for many reasons. You need to have good strength for both helping and lifting people who are unable to function properly themselves and strength of personality to deal with the demanding occupation.

To be a Care Worker you must have a caring attitude and be able to relate to people from many differing backgrounds and ability, you will also need to have a friendly nature, be very patient and have a good sense of humour.

There are not entry requirements to become a Care Worker however any previous experience in this area will be beneficial. There are however a number of qualifications that you can start working towards such as:

  • Level 1 Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

  • Level 2 Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities

  • Level 2 Awareness of Dementia

  • Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care.

You could begin by doing some voluntary work or perhaps you are able to reflect on an experience where you have had to personally care form someone.
Some of the duties that a Care Worker does include:

  • Building up a relationship with your clients and their families and finding out what their needs and interests or hobbies are.

  • General tasks such as housework, laundry, cooking, shopping.

  • Helping clients with their own personal care if they are unable to get washed, dressed, use the bathroom, help with feeding etc.

  • Helping clients manage a household including bills, correspondence.

  • Supporting a young person, taking them to a centre for education for example.

  • Organising leisure activities.

Above are just a few different tasks, the roles you do on a daily basis will largely depend on the surroundings in which you work.

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