Helpful Tips for a Flight Attendant Interview

A Flight Attendant is a very important job, you have the lives of hundreds of people at once to deal with each time you fly therefore this career choice needs to be well thought out.

As a Cabin Crew member you must ensure that your passengers have a safe and pleasant journey testing your Customer Service skills to the max when faced with difficult passengers.

Flight Attendant Interview

For this role you must be a good team player, working as a team in this role is exceptionally important and without your team members it wouldn’t work.

Before the flight:

You will be responsible for checking the flight is on schedule and making sure you have the correct relevant information. Check that there are enough supplies on the plane and that the emergency equipment is working properly. Meeting and greeting passengers and directing them to their seats.

In flight:

Ensuring passengers are comfortable, serving food, drinks and snacks, selling items of duty free, reassure passengers if needed.


Ensuring passengers leave safely with all their baggage
Do any paperwork relating to the flight
Stock count of food and drink that has been sold on board

Each airline has their own entry requirements to be a member of their Cabin Crew however you will need a good general education including GCSE grades in English or Maths A-C grade and a proven experience of dealing with customers.

You will also be required to be over the age of 18 and some airline set this as 21 years old, physically fit, have good colour-normal vision (contact lenses accepted), be of smart appearance, be able to swim very well and have a valid passport with no restrictions.  Height and weight requirements vary between airlines so this is worth checking.

There are qualifications you can do as part of a cabin crew role such as:

  • Level 2 Certificate for Air Cabin Crew

  • Level 3 Certificate for Senior Cabin Crew

  • Level 3 Diploma in Aviation Operations.

For anyone with a keen interest in travel and someone who enjoys meeting new people this would be the perfect role.

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