IT Support Technician Interview Tips and Helpful Advice

You can become an IT Support Technician by beginning as a Trainee and having good knowledge of operating systems or you could gain entry into this role by taking IT qualifications.
Qualifications such as:

  • ICT Systems Support – PC Maintenance Level 1

  • Certificate or Diploma in ICT Systems Support Level 2

  • Certificate in ICT Systems and Principles Level 2

  • Diploma in ICT Professional Competence Level 2.

it support technician

You would need to be interested in computers maybe even as a hobby but like solving problems and tinkering with computers. A technician helps solve problems for hardware and software problems faced by computer users.

A lot of the time in this role you will be dealing with people with little experience so you will need to explain technical terms in a non technical way.

Once you are in this role your learning will usually continue on the job and be more company specific but all the time as with any IT role make sure you keep up to date with the ever changing technology.
As with most computer related things people get frustrated very quickly therefore you will need to remain calm when working under pressure and have excellent time management so that you are able to meet sometimes quite hard deadlines.

You must be able to work as part of a team probably with other IT professionals but also with all other areas of the business as the one department that crosses over with every other department in a company. In this ever changing world IT is very important so as an IT Support Technician you will be very important and valuable.

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