Operations Manager Interview Questions

Check out this page if you are going to take an interview soon for a Operations manager job.

Try and find best responses for the following interview questions to be well prepared for your big day.

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Operations Manager Interview Questions

How would you rate the store between 1-10?
How did you spend your day today?
How will you continue to add value to the brand?
How do you deliver high quality value in today's cut price market and prove value to intelligent clients?
Describe your management style
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
What was your greatest mistake? What did you learn from it?
Give an example of when you have had to work under pressure
Tell me about a time where you managed an end-to-end supply chain
What is the greatest challenge you have ever overcome?
How do you coach someone? What is your biggest weakness? What changes have you lead?
How can you increase the Sales?
Tell us something you heard about us on the news?
Produce 5 year plan based on 5 minutes of discussion
Tell me about yourself? What experience do you have with Health and Safety?
What steps would I take to build relationship with team?
In what circumstances would MongoDB be an unsuitable back end?
What help would you need from your Line Manager as you started the role?
What do you think working here would be like?
Give and example of where you have made a difference to the business.
Give and example where you were in a difficult situation and what you did to overcome it
What are your expectations as a operations manager?
How would I engage with senior stakeholders?
Tell me a time you have received poor feedback and how did you react?
Can you give an example of when you had to use a lot of data to solve a problem?
What is your opinion on managing a team in a contact centre and what difficulties do you face?
Describe a specific day has a Operations Manager?
Tell us about yourself and why you applied for this role?
Tell us how you motivate staff in a high pressured environment?
Describe a time that something went wrong and what you did about it.
Why do you think you would be a good fit for this role?
How can Uber attract and subsequently onboard more drivers in a measured way?
What will make you a good manager?
Describe a recent project you have worked on?
How would you recruit drivers for the local markets in the UK?
How would you resolve a conflict between two very talented managers without causing offence to either and ensuring a win-win situation for all?

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