Ryanair Interview Questions - Useful Advice

If you have an interview coming up with Ryanair then this post can be useful for you. Check out the questions and tips below.


  • Ryanair operates more than 1,600 flights daily, over 500,000 yearly from 57 sites connecting 180 destinations in 29 countries.

  • They operate a fleet of 303 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

  • They currently have a team of 9,000 highly skilled professionals, will carry over 81.5 million passengers this year and have a 29 year safety record.

  • Ryanair was set up in 1985 by the Ryan family and a £1 share.

To work for Ryanair you need as a minimum a good level of written and spoken English, a reasonable level of computer literacy and an EU passport. You must be able to work in a fast paced environment where hard work, initiative and enthusiasm are part of every day.

There are various roles within Ryanair, the most obvious being Cabin Crew and a Pilot.

There are a number of requirements that you need, these are a few to give you an idea:

  • You must be experienced in dealing with the public & comfortable in a selling role

  • Physically fit with a good attendance record in your current position

  • Hard working, flexible & willing to operate on a shift roster

  • Over 18 years of age

  • Between 5'2 (1.57m) and 6'2 (1.85) in height with weight in proportion

  • Of normal vision (contact lenses acceptable)

  • Able to swim well

  • Prepared to live within one hour's travelling time of any Ryanair base

They usually have recruitment days for new intakes and on these days you will be asked to complete an application form. On these recruitment days you will also find out about the life of a cabin crewe and Ryanair and their will be members there present to answer any questions.  After completing your application you will have an interview and you will find out the outcome within 10 days.

Remember that you must dress to impress at this Recruitment Day and take notes at every opportunity, you have real life people there to talk to, make sure you have questions ready that you feel are important but make sure you have also done enough research beforehand so that you can dazzle them with your answers.


  • Tell me about yourself

  • What are your weaknessess?

  • Why do you want this job?

  • What have you done to improve customer service in your store?

  • What motivates you?

  • Why should we hire you?

Good Luck.

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