Security Guard Interview Questions and Helfpul Advice

As a Security Guard you need to be keen on safety and security making sure that whatever you are guarding be it a building, valuables or people that they are safe and secure.

Security Guards have a very important and responsible role and often deal with emergencies and help to prevent damage done to buildings and theft. This would suit someone who is very mature in their thinking as you often need to think on your feet.

Security Guard interview

There are no formal qualifications for the role of a security guard but you must have a good standard of education and for most jobs you will be required to have a Security Industry Authority Licence.

The days and hours of work of a security guard will depend on the company that you work for. You could work up to 48 hours in one week and it be an evenings and weekends. Most security guard roles are done in shifts.

You may be required to do some driving work for example security picking up cash and transporting it to the banks.

As a security guard you must be able to keep logs and accurate records about incidents, timings, events and be able to write short reports to explain this where necessary. Information that has been a crime could be used by the police and courts so it is very important to be 100% accurate.

You could be a security guard of a very large business allowing customers into the building, signing them with visitor’s badges, providing information and directions and maybe depending on the business you may be required to handle a guard dog especially if you work alone at night. It will also depend on the type of company as to whether you are working on your own or in a team but largely security guards operate in shifts and usually alone but this is dependent on the size of organisation.

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