Social Worker Interview Tips, Questions and Advice

To become a social worker as your career choice you will need to study for a 3 year undergraduate degree or a 2 year post graduate degree in social work depending on what previous education you have had. One you have attained the degree and relevant qualification you need you will also have to pass background checks (CRB).

social worker interview

Now that you have the right qualifications and are qualified in your role you will deal with a lot of different situations sometimes not very pleasant and for this you need to be able to work with all different types of people from different backgrounds and different ages and you must be able to work with them and gain their trust in order to help them.

A social worker must never judge their clients; they must be able to deal with situations quickly and sensitively. As in this role you will be providing advice and support to vulnerable individuals and families you will be responsible for helping them to improve their situation.

Social workers can support all of the following individuals:

  • People with drug, alcohol and substance dependency

  • Homeless people

  • Young people in care

  • Mental health problems

  • Older people

  • Children and parents

  • Fostering and adoption situations

When supporting these individuals the role of a social worker is to assessing and review their situation, protect anyone vulnerable from harm, offering information and counselling to help change their situations, supervising situations, giving evidence in court.  Social workers normally work closely with other health workers, the police, teacher, probation etc.

Being a social worker can mean some very anti social hours need to be worked. Normally it would be office hours but they do operate a rota for 24 hour cover which is taken in turn because not all situations happen in the day time.

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