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Office Administrator Interview Questions and Tips

If you are good at keeping things in order and being organised then being an office administrator could be right up your street.

Usually as an office administrator you will work as part of a team environment maybe with other administrators depending on the size of the company but you will always work to someone be it a director of the business or a team of sales people etc.

office administratorThere are no specific entry qualifications for becoming an office administrator but employers will want a good GCSE result in English and Maths as standard. At an interview you may be required to do a typing test maybe showing to an employer how you would lay out a letter or an email. Other tests may include a telephone test and maybe to see how you can perform filing duties. All these examples will vary from company to company.

Most Office administrator roles work Monday to Friday 9-5 pm because this is when the office is open however some businesses may be looking for different hours according to the needs of the business.

Some of the duties you can expect in an office administrator role are as follows:

  • Answering the telephone and passing on calls or taking messages

  • Meeting and Greeting visitors

  • Typing up documents, letters etc

  • Dealing with the post coming into the company and sending out from the company

  • Keeping records manual or on the computer up to date

  • Filing

  • Managing Diaries

  • Setting up meetings and taking minutes

  • Organising travel arrangements

  • Being able to use the office equipment such as printer, photocopier, fax, franking machine etc.

To perform these duties effectively you will have to be very organised and have excellent time management skills. The role of an office administrator is a very important one to most companies. The office administrator is usually the problem solver for anything in the office so you need to be able to think fast and learn at every opportunity.

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