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Tips and Questions for a Costcutter Interview

Costcutter is a bigger company than perhaps first thought but the stores are mainly franchise stores with only a handful of owned stores. You can find their current vacancies on their website and they also update them on their Facebook and Twitter sites so plenty of options to keep up to date with their vacancies. However, as the stores are mainly franchises the recruitment is done at local level with individual managers.

Once you have been successful with your application you will be invited to an interview, usually at a store where you have shown interest in working and where they have a vacancy.

Company Interview Questions

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Because the interviews are down to the individual Manager the types of questions will vary greatly but I think you can be safe to think you will be asked questions such as:

  • Have you worked in this setting before and what would you do better?

  • Name five products that we sell.

  • Why do you want to work for Costcutter?

  • What do you know about Costcutter?

  • Give me an example of good customer service and when have you performed this?

  • How would you deal with an awkward customer?

Once you have done your research and maybe visited one of their stores and if possible spoken to a staff member you will feel more confident and hopefully get a feel for how you should dress for your interview in a smart way.

Focus on the type of store that you are aiming to work in or the Head Office setting and differing roles and base your answers and scenario practice around this so you feel more comfortable when you are asked questions during your interview.

  • What is your previous experience?

  • Why Costcutter?

  • What do you know about Costcutter?

  • What retail experience have you got?

  • What can you bring to this role?

  • Why are you leaving your current role?

  • What makes you the best candidate for the job?

Also check out following interview questions which are the ones asked most during the retail type of interviews:

Typical Interview Questions

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