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Describe a Typical Work Week? Interview Question

Describe a typical work week? In this question you have to describe a typical work week. It is a pretty easy one to answer. Make sure that your answer shows that you are organised in your daily routine, deal with your tasks, and will be able to translate that to the the job role you are going for. If you have worked a similar role this shouldn’t be difficult to achieve. Here are some example ways that you can approach the question.

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Example Answers for "Describe a typical work week?" Interview Question


“There is no such thing as a typical work week as a fireman. However it often goes along the lines of starting duty at 6am. I report to the fire station manager and catch up with colleagues that are already on shift with the events of the previous shift. We wait for emergency calls to come through. If it is quiet we can look through the log of community calls we have, whereby we have to visit homes to fit fire alarms for them, and give them fire safety advice. We go in the engine with uniform on board in case of emergency. When we do get emergency calls we have to get out to the situation in the quickest time safely possible, and asses the dangers quickly before tackling whatever issue it is. Most weeks we will thankfully have few calls about house fires. We tend to get mainly rescue calls where youngsters are stuck in high places, or the occasional burned out vehicle. Generally there is only one constant- we NEVER get an un-interrupted lunch time!”


“A typical work week for me goes as such; I get into the office at 8:30 ready to log into my phone system at 9, I look through the intranet to see if there is any news I should be aware of, and check my emails. Then I look through any calls I might have taken where I need to return a call to a client and I log that into my system so that I don’t forget to call them as I promised. As soon as I am prepared I log in and begin to take calls, and return calls to customers that I have promised a callback to, if for instance I needed advice about their problem or needed to check more information. I finish my shift at 5pm, and I usually check my emails and check with my manager that he does not require any extra staff for overtime. This typically repeats through the week, although sometimes I will have to attend a training session if a new product or service has been launched, so that I will be able to deal with any queries relating to that from customers.”

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