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Do You Prefer to Work Independently or on a Team?

Do you prefer to work independently or on a team? This is a question designed to find out if you are able to take direction or criticism for others and be able to work as a team. It also shows the interviewer if you have the confidence to work on your own. So the best way to answer it is to demonstrate competency on both levels, and give some examples of this if possible. It’s important in all jobs to be able to get along with others, so even if it is a one person job you are applying for try and give some indication that you can work with others.

work independently question

Example Answers for "Do You Prefer to Work Independently or on a Team?" Interview Question

#Answer 1-

“Being a salesman in a car showroom obviously I can do either. Whilst I am with a customer I can work alone, and I can answer any questions the client might have about the cars they are interested in, but then I am happy to work as a team to help clean the cars etc.”

#Answer 2-

“Working in customer service can be quite demanding sometimes and its great to know we are a team so that if a customer is being a little aggressive or difficult I have someone else who can come and help to resolve the problem, or whom I can consult if I am not 100% certain of something myself. At the same time, I don’t mind working alone. I don’t feel I need supervision in order to carry out my duties.”

#Answer 3-

“Working as a street fundraiser gave me the confidence to work alone without supervision, stopping members of the public and talking to them, but at the end of the day we were still a ‘team’ as such, and getting together with the team on breaks etc. and having a laugh and learning from each other was just great.”

#Answer 4-

“Working as a bus driver is quite a solitary job just by its nature, but that’s not to say that I don’t like working with others. There are occasions where the next route driver will get on at one of my stops, and we can touch base with info about upcoming events/disruptions etc., which I can then feedback to colleagues at the office. It’s a handy way of keeping one step ahead to keep the service running smoothly for our passengers.”

#Answer 5-

“As I haven’t been employed in the past I can only really give you an example from school. I was a member of the Choir, a part of which meant obviously doing solo singing and making sure my voice was the best it could be. It also involved singing duets, and as part of a chorus, so I can say I can adapt to working alone, or in a team.”

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