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How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure? Interview Question

How do you handle stress and pressure? This is a question designed to see if you can IDENTIFY when you are stressed, and how you deal with that. It is important to answer this as honestly as possible. Many people deal with stress in many different ways, from socialising to sports. Try not to use examples of petty things that might have caused stress. It should be obvious never to say that you handle stress with drugs or alcohol or violence etc. Here are a few examples you could give of how you deal with stress and pressure both at work and at home.

stress pressure question

Example Answers


“Sometimes when I am feeling like I haven’t had much time to myself in the week and I have nothing left to give, and I would like to unwind from it all, I run a nice hot bath, full of bubbles, put on one of my favourite music albums and have a good long soak. I find myself totally relaxed within minutes and it gives me a great bit of thinking time. There is no better way to de stress than just going back to basics and relaxing!”


“When I have had a demanding week at work and really pushed myself to fit in all the last minute changes to my clients work that they have demanded, I like to take myself off to the gym and really sweat it out. I find doing a nice long run on the treadmill, and then some weight training really helps to get rid of all the pressure, and then when I get home I can have a nice shower and wash away all the stress. I think physical exercise really works wonders for tension. Sometimes if I am really stressed I will go with a friend so that I can discuss anything that’s on my mind whilst exercising.”


“When I feel stressed or pressured I like to talk about it. Whether it is a work issue or a home issue. I feel confident that if I have a stressful problem in the workplace, my boss or human resources will be able to chat with me about it and help me to resolve it, likewise, if I have a problem in my personal life I have a fantastic band of friends who can help me talk through things, as well as a very supportive family unit. If I don’t want to talk to any of them about things, I will take my dogs for a walk and talk to them about what is bothering me. I know it sounds silly but just sometimes voicing your worries helps to relieve them, you don’t always need answers or advice. Just a listening ear!”

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