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How Many Hours Do You Normally Work?

How many hours do you normally work? This again is a straightforward question that doesn’t really need much explanation. All you need to do is to tell your interviewer how many hours you normally do work. If there is a very noticeable difference in what you usually work, and what this position is, you will need to explain that. You might be wanting to work more, or less, depending on your family situation, or maybe you want split shifts, or unsociable shifts, to fit around other commitments. Explain these in your response. Here are some examples.

how many hours question

Example Answers


“In my last post I worked 38 hours a week, from 9 until 5. I am quite happy working a normal nine to five, although I am very flexible, I don’t mind working different hours, longer shifts, or even on weekends and bank holidays, so if you required me to work any different hours that wouldn’t be a problem. ”


“I usually work 18 hours a week, however now my children go to school I am finding that I am very bored through the day and could be working more, which is why I was looking for a position that could offer more hours, that I can do during school time. I would rather be earning a wage than sitting round waiting for my children to come home!”


“I worked shift patterns of 12 hour shifts, on a three on three off basis. However my partner has recently had an accident and has been left paralysed as a result. I have to be around to provide him his meals, so require a position where I can work on a split shift basis. This way I can see to him on the morning, go out to work, return home on a lunchtime and have my lunch and give him his, and then return to work, and then return to him for tea, return to work and then come home. It may sound hectic to some but it would be perfect for me, as I would know that my partner is being cared for properly, I am able to do my work better because I’m not worrying about him, and this sort of working would suit you best too because it means you have a better spread of cover throughout the day.”

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