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Learning and Development Interview Questions

Check out these Learning and Development interview questions if you are going to take an interview in this field.

It's important to be fully prepared if you want to be successful at your job interview.

Learning and Development Interview Questions

Learning and Development Interview Questions

What do you think is a good possible way to use mobile applications alongside the main e-Learning applications?
How would you deal with difficult people?
How do you manage deadlines?
What do you think about pedagogical theory?
Why attracted me to the role?
What skills and experience can you bring to the role?
How would you get started in this role?
What do you hope to achieve in the first 3 months?
What Learning and development experience have you got?
What mistake have you made at work and what did you do?
Do you think you can do your current bosses job, yes or no?
Can you tell me about a time where you had to deal with a challenging situation?
How would you respond if a key stakeholder told you they weren't going to implement your new training program?
What will you bring to the company?
What are your strengths as a trainer?
What would you do to improve training and call quality?
Describe your relevant experience.
What would you bring to this role?
What is your best achievement in your career so far? What has been your biggest challenge?
How do you cope with stress and pressure, during your work day and accumulatively over a busy period?
Tell us about using digital technologies.
Give an example of a time when you failed to meet a deadline?
Give an example of where you've done the right thing, maybe at the expense of one of your personal goals
How do I go about planning training projects?
Why did you decide to take the approach that I did?
What was the reason I enjoyed working in your previous company?
Have you had experience in classroom based training?
Why do you want to work for us?
What motivates you?
What do you know about us?
How would you shape the L&D Strategy
What will your first 90 days would look like within the company?
How do you cope with changing circumstances and generally deal with change?
How would you build relationships with stakeholders?
How would you prioritise four urgent tasks?
Tell us a bit about you as a person.
Tell us a time where you had to say “no” to someone at work. How did you deal with it?
What would you give to the department?
Can you tell us about the best team you have worked in?
Tell me about the best method you would use in learning and development
Can you tell us about a time that you have gone above and beyond in your role?
What are your strengths / weaknesses?
What are your long term career goals?
How would you implement a curriculum?
How do you like to be managed?

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