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Warehouse Operative Interview Questions

If you have a warehouse operator interview coming up soon then check out these questions in order to be ready for your big day.

Even though the job is working in a warehouse you should still be prepared for your interview. There are still big competition to get this jobs especially when they are from UPS, Fedex, DHL etc big companies.

warehouse operative interview questions

They won't asked you very sophisticated questions however you may be asked simple maths and basic English questions just to see if you have minimum education standards for this job.

Warehouse Operative Interview Questions

Do you have a passport?
Have you ever worked here before?
Have you got any previous warehouse experience?
Explain a time you have used excellent customer care?
What's an example of a time when you inspired or helped others?
Can you work overtime?
Why do you want to work for us?
Can you work at nights?
Are you able to do jobs that require heavy lifting?
What do you know about us?
Are you willing to work extra shifts?
How to manage difficult situations in a team?
What experience did you have in retail?
What is your biggest strength?
Do you have any heath issues?
Do you have any previous experience working in a warehouse?
Why do you want to work in a warehouse?
What do you expect UPS to provide for you?
What motivates you?
Previous warehouse experience?
Name one time you implemented a new process at work and what effect did this have?
Do you have the right to work in the UK?
Give an example of when you have worked as part of a team
What do you expect working for us?
How would I drive improvements through the line?
Why do you want to work for UPS, DHL, Fedex etc?
When can you start the work?
Are you available ASAP?
Tell us about a time you had a conflict at work and how you dealt with it.
Tell us about yourself and why you applied for this role?
Tell us how you motivate staff in a high pressured environment?
Can you think of a few things that could be improved at this company?
What one thing you have done in the past where you put yourself above and beyond your job remit ?
How would you improve customer service?
Can you give an example of a time when you helped other people in a past job?
A customer comes to you with two products that cost £5.85 and £7.75. How much is that?
How do you spell inconvenience, psychology and liaison?
What does customer service mean to you?

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